Yay or Nay Sunday – Covergirl trunaked Palettes


It is always nice to see palettes from the drug store and so far, we have seen Maybelline and L’Oreal do they their thing with.. mix success.  But I still decided to give a try at Covergirl’s kick at the palette game. What annoys me the most about the drug store palettes in general and makes them grade lower in my book is the price. Sure, you can often find them on sale but still… The L’Oreal ones can me $29.99 and the Maybelline $14.99. For the lower quality that you get, that is too expensive for me. These, again are on the higher end of expensive for the drug store but they are more affordable. I picked up mine for $12.99 I believe and so far, I find them more worth it. Of the 3 brands, these are the best ones hands down, especially when you are talking price vs quality.

I have been playing with these for a while now and originally, I was going to make a review for each one separately but would end up saying the same things, so I thought I would just bulk it into one review. All in all, to me, these are good, not great, not bad, but good. (swatches below!!)

Each one has a 8 shades that I find have been well matched together, they make a cohesive palette. The pans are large enough to put a decent sized shadow brush in there and you don’t feel like you will overflow into the other colours.  The packaging is a clear plastic cover that clicks, but really I don’t think we expect cute little magnetized closures for drug store palettes… At least I don’t because I am sure that would drive the price up!

When I swatched these, I was pleasantly surprised, they swatched nicely. Some colours are more vibrant than others and some need building up but I find I could get a look with any of these palettes in no time.

These are for sure for neutral, everyday looks that don’t necessarily “pop”. If that’s what you are looking for an also for an affordable option, these can do the trick for you. I would skip the maybelline ones and go straight for these. You will not however get a punch of colour or something dramatic out of these palettes… which I think makes sense as they are designed to be in the “trunaked” line… I don’t see them called “truvibrant” or “trubright”.

I did find that they are powdery, especially the matte colours. They do kick some some more than I would like when putting my brush in them. That is a down side since they aren’t super pigmented, you have to dab more than once, so they can get a bit messy. Unlike some Kat Von D mattes that do kick up powder, but the colour payoff is amazing, so in the end, less messy. But again, we are talking about drug store shadows. I thought it was important to note since that could be a true deterrent for some people, especially if you have nice white carpets in your beauty room,.. yikes!!

My fav is probably the roses. I was going to say the nudes, as I find I get the most use out of it for everyday quick work looks (well, not they are quick going-to-the-hospital-to-see-my-daughter looks..) but since I have the Urban Decay Naked Basics and Naked Basics 2, I don’t really need the nudes one. Although I found it had the best pay off and the one I would use the most. Also, to compliment another look or palette with some more toned down colours.

So the reason the roses is my fav is because I don’t really have any palette that have those shades that I really reach for, so I found myself reaching for this one. The goldens, I always forget about that one… I find there are so many palettes or even drug store singles that have nice golds that you can have the nudes palette and just compliment with a gold colour like the L’Oreal Infallible single shadows and you are good to go.

So in a long nutshell, I enjoy these and will give them an overall Yay. Do you need all 3, nah. I would drop the goldens, unless that is all you wear! I think these would be amazing for young women or the average woman that does subtle but polished looks. Plus they have good colour pay off for the price Just be careful with your white carpets ladies!


the nudes



the roses



the goldens



Hope you enjoyed this post!


3 thoughts on “Yay or Nay Sunday – Covergirl trunaked Palettes

  1. I have the Roses one and it’s a HUGE yay for me! I was pleasantly surprised too (well, not TOO surprised since I’d read tons of rave reviews online prior to my decision to buy it). I plan on buying the other 2 palettes!


  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks drugstore palettes are too pricey! Sometimes I think about getting one just t see how the quality compares to high-end but I can’t justify spending $20 on something I’ll most likely never use. These do look worth it compared to the other drugstore options though! The only other low budget option with nice swatches is Essence, and their products are always well priced.


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