Sephora Sale Haul 2 – I Wants It!

After my foundation expedition, my 2nd trip to Sephora had no real purpose. I had a vague idea that I wanted a new cheek palette and possibly some more pencils because I was tired of my old ones … but nothing more than that. I went in with a promise not to spend more then $300. This wasn’t a necessary shopping trip –  this was pure consumerist fun.

In the end, I splurged on these great items and stayed within budget thanks to the sale discount. Most of the stuff I got was great, but the Laura Mercier is so-so. I haven’t given all the products a true test drive so these are my first impressions.
 P_20160410_195747 - Copy

tarte Tarteist Contour Palette

p403749-av-01-hero - Copy

This palette promises to “sculpt your complexion using this palette’s paint by numbers technique.” Now I haven’t managed to watch/apply the tutorial to define and slenderize my face but I do like the colors and the cocoa scent makes me happy. I would’ve like another blush color to bring out the apples of my cheeks, but overall I have nothing bad to say about this product.  And really, for $54 CAD I better not have anything bad to say!

Marc Jacobs Beauty The High Life: 3-Piece Petites Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Set

s1773324-main-hero - Copy

At $31 CAD per set I was hoping these pencils would live up to their name – and they DID! These pencil seriously last all day with minimal smudging which makes them great for the waterline. They are smooth and easy to apply and just super good quality. I also like the petite size because I know I will probably get through the liner before it dries up or expires. I’m really starting to appreciate the Marc Jacobs Beauty line and if you’re looking to give his products a test run I recommend these sets.

Bite Beauty Spring Fling Set

s1807726-main-hero - Copy

This was a weird buy for me. For some reason I just felt I needed to buy something from this fabulous Canadian make-up company. For $46 CAD its kind of sad that I don’t even like most of the lipstick colors in the set … and I kind of hate it when companies promote their compact mirrors and cheap bags as a bonus – I want product!!!!!  At any rate, what truly drew me to this kit was the full size Line and Define Primer. I have been suffering from insanely dry lips and it makes wearing lipstick almost impossible. I’m hoping to use this primer/liner with some moisturizing gloss tints to help my lips heal and look fabulous. Time will tell if it works!

Drybar Texas Tease Big Hair To Go

s1761014-main-hero - Copy

Not even going to pretend I’ve tried out these products. I was in the Sephora line and I saw this $35 CAD kit and thought – “I need a mini brush for work!” So I bought it. Yup, I know, I could’ve bought a comparable $5 brush anywhere else but no, I saw it, I wants it, I bought it.

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder

Shade: Devotion

Ok, so I really want to like this product … but I don’t. It’s so pretty looking … but it really seems to suck. It retails for $50 CAD … but it reminds me of cheaper drug store buys. Maybe I got the wrong color? I just find it more sparkle then illuminating. I’m really not impressed by this product and I so want to be impressed by it! It’s almost like going out with your crush and then realizing he’s a moron. I had a crush on this product and its not living up to my fantasy:(

Did you do any splurging at the Sephora Sale?

— Missy

One thought on “Sephora Sale Haul 2 – I Wants It!

  1. Great haul! It’s disappointing that the laura mercier product didn’t live up to your expectations, especially at that price! Looking forward to your reviews of the other products.


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