NYX The Go-To Palette – A Review


I found this on display at my local Shoppers for $20.99. Naturally I grabbed it immediately! I’m still looking for my perfect travel palette and, despite not liking the last travel palette I grabbed by NYX, I still wanted to try this one! I have heard great things about the shadows in this palette.

I picked up the shade Wanderlust. It contains 6 shadows, 1 highlight, 1 blush and 1 bronzer/contour. All are contained in 1 sleek, hard plastic case. There is no brush but that’s ok with me. It is missing a mirror which is a huge drawback if you actually intend on travelling with this palette!


I chose this shade over the other option (couldn’t find the name of the other palette) because the shade selection was very typically me. I do intend on doing some travelling this summer and I don’t want to bring tons of makeup so I really was in the market for a travel palette. The 6 eyeshadow shades are neutral, wearable and have 2 matte-ish shades and 4 shimmery shades. I found the pigmentation to be excellent. They were all soft and smooth but they did kick up a little product. The gold shade was a little less pigmented than I would have hoped as well. Still, I managed to get great looks from these eyeshadows! I really enjoy them 🙂


The highlight, blush and bronzer/contour are in long narrow pans. This makes dipping a big fluffy brush in them a little awkward. The highlight is a beautiful champagne shimmer, the blush is orangey-coral shade that leans more matte while the bronzer is fully matte and a warmer brown. They are all quite pigmented and smooth. The highlight is a little more subtle on the cheeks than expected but I’m ok with that. If you’re in to super intense highlights – you won’t find that here! Over all it’s a very wearable selection but each of them on their own just didn’t do it for me. I ended up treating them a bit like a shimmer brick and just mixing them all together and using them as one glowy blush. I actually quite liked using it that way!


Even though I’m not exactly using the face products as directed… I’m still really enjoying this palette! I think it’s well worth the $20. I totally intend on taking it with me for my travels this summer. As an added bonus it’s also a really nice all-in-1 palette for the busy person! It’s so simple and straight forward that you can just grab it and whip up a look super quick. The quality is there so you can also be sure that the shadows and cheeks products will stay put all day long!

Me snapping a selfie while the little one sleeps! I did a quick, basic look using the NYX Go-To Palette but I used the face products like a shimmer brick. I much prefer it this way!

My only regret is not buying the other palette in this series!




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