ELF Contour Palette and Brush – A Review


I ordered this bad boy off of the ELF website a while back. I wanted to see if purchasing from ELF was worth it for those items that you can’t really get in Canada. You know… all the good stuff!! Here’s my take on this contour kit.

The ELF Contour Palette retails for $6.99 USD. The comparable blush palettes in Canada ar about $8 so I would assume that if this ever makes it way to stores in Canada it will also be about $8. The brush was $6.99 USD so my guess is that it will also be an $8 item if it ever hits stores here. All things considered, that’s pretty good pricing for Canada!

I ordered a bunch of items that I was interested in… you can find the haul here.

The contour palette is in the same black packaging as their blush palette. It’s sturdy and includes a generous sized mirror. It includes 4 contour and highlight shades. 2 highlights, 2 contours.

The texture of the product is smooth but a little powdery. See my swatches below.

The shade selection is decent for fair to light skin tones. I find that like many reviewers I only gravitate to 2 of the 4 colours. I like the banana highlight for under eye setting and the deeper contour shade for actual contouring. The cheek bone highlight is hardly detectable and the other contour shade looks like an odd bronzer colour…They just don’t work for me.

All that being said. Is it a worthwhile purchase? Despite liking only half the palette I think it is. Mainly because I’m not huge in to contour but I do like to have something on hand for days when I want something a little extra! This palette is totally affordable (assuming you’re doing an ELF order) and totally workable. The actual application on the cheeks is smooth and blendable. Just don’t use the contour brush…I prefer a fluffier angled brush that allows me to blend out the contour rather than create a sharp shadow. That’s just me.


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