Yay or Nay Sunday – Covergirl tru Blend Blush

I’m back with Yay or Nay Sunday! I think that merits a “yay”! lol

Today I am going to yap about the Covergirl tru Blend Blushes! I’ve been reaching for these quite a bit in the month of March and after using them a bunch, I thought it was time to write about them.


There are 3 blushes and 1 bronzer in this line. The blushes go from light, medium and dark, hence the l and m on the ones pictured. They obviously target different skin tone but even if I have fair skin, I got both the light and medium shades. I didn’t get the dark because it was for sure too dark for me. I also had a chance to swatch the bronzer but it was way to orange and had too much shimmer for my taste. I like a matte bronzer.

These are a baked formula and they have a nice marble and shimmer to them. They aren’t glittery or have chunks of glitter in them which I appreciate.


light on the left, medium on the right

I have actually enjoyed these blushes a lot. They do remind me of Milani baked formula but without some of the intensity of the choice of colours that the Milani line has. I think the light colour in these blushes reminds me of the pink sister to the Milani Luminoso.

Upon application, the blush isn’t the most pigmented but it does build up nicely. I preferred the medium blush to the light one as it is a nicer tone for my skin tone and shows up on me more. The light blush is more of a highlighter on me or as a nice flush on the cheeks during the summer months with a little tan.

I liked these on days that I don’t want to wear much makeup and since it has some shimmer in it, I could skip the step of the highlighter.

Overall, I enjoyed these blushes, do you need all the colours, no. Do you need them if you have the Milani blushes, no. If you want a nice simple blush that looks great on the skin with some shimmer, that allows for a quick easy look, these are for you. I give these a yay.


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