Update – Where Has Nat Been

The blog has been quiet in the last weeks as life has quite literally taken over. Not only has baby S (Sheena’s beautiful baby girl) arrive 2 weeks early, but my baby girl arrived 11 weeks early.  If you want to know my story, please keep on reading, if not, then the cole’s note version is that I had to give birth to my beautiful daughter prematurely. It has been quite the journey and the emotions have been just insane. I know this is not a beauty related post, but as women, we have moments that are good to share with others to know that we are not alone, and living these difficult situations is doable so I decided to share it with you.

So here is my story.

It is no secret that I had a difficult pregnancy starting at around 11 weeks when the insane vomiting started. Then at 24 weeks, I was in the hospital with high blood pressure and was taken off of work with meds to control it. at 28 weeks, I started getting upper gastric pain that landed me in the hospital. Looking back, this was a blessing in disguise but at the time, when they started hooking me up to an IV, taking blood, urine samples and giving me meds, it did not feel like it.

I was already exhausted and had little sleep the night before, so as I lay there, with my husband by my side, and they told me that I had severe pre-eclampsia, all I could think of was my little baby girl, scared for her well being. If you don’t know what pre-eclampsia is, it is when your placenta literally starts crapping out… your body starts rejecting it and can cause very serious issues for the mom such as liver and kidney failure. You are also at risk of seizures and stroke if the pre-eclampsia turns into full eclampsia. The danger was for me, not my baby girl but as everyone was worried about me, my thoughts were on this baby that I had already fallen in love with.

I was transferred to another hospital for high risk pregnancy and as soon as I got there, it was a swarm of nurses and doctors hooking me up to everything possible. All I could think about was my baby and the fact that there was a very high chance that I would have to deliver her early. Well, the worst fear became reality, my health was not getting any better so it was confirmed, I would be delivering my 28 week baby… Horror set in, fear, tears, what would happen to her being such a small preemie? I can’t even put into words the feelings that both my husband and I were feeling, it was the most insane roller coaster that you can’t even imagine.

The process then moved to having me on meds to protect me from seizures, the worst medication ever, it makes you weak and completely out of it, 2 IVs, an artery line in my arm for all the blood work they needed every 6h, a catheter, oxygen, amen. I was getting very uncomfortable being in a bed for so long, where I couldn’t move, legs spasming, ugh it was a test of wills. My saving grace was hearing the beautiful steady heart beat of my little girl doing so good and being so strong and the rock that was my husband by my side.

Then started the process of induction for delivery, which was grueling. 4 different methods were tried over 3 and a half days to finally end up in c-section as the inductions failed.

My beautiful baby girl Leia was born on March 3 at 11:50 am, a strong little trooper. My husband and I shared some powerful moments during the delivery and after which made us even stronger as a couple and now, as parents.


I didn’t get to see my baby until a full day and a half after the delivery as they had to leave me on meds and ivs to make sure the symptoms of pre-eclampsia are null. But when I first saw her, I was instantly in love. She is so tiny, at 2lbs 2 oz.

After 6 days in the hospital and a beautiful baby girl, I was released to go home and recover from my c-section. I am still being watched closely by doctors but I am doing really well. My little princess is doing really well and really strong, she is progressing every day and we are very very proud of her.

It will be a long journey until we can take her home and that will not be easy but I am sure once we can take her home with us, it will be even more special.

This was just part of the story, as it was a big one. Thank you for reading it as sharing it helps me heal.

I am starting to feel better and that means that I will be able to play with makeup again and restart posting on a regular basis. The distraction will also be a welcomed one.


5 thoughts on “Update – Where Has Nat Been

  1. I’m glad you and the baby are ok, and congratulations on your baby girl ❤ Its so wonderful that you have a supporting husband 🙂


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