Makeup Must-Haves Every One Needs in their Makeup Collection


Just for fun, here’s a little round up of what we all need in our collection! Those core type of items that everyone should go ahead and treat themselves to because MAKEUP!


The décor Piece

Currently I don’t have a display spot for my pretty makeup but I plan to add that to my bathroom sometime in the near future! Christmas makeup sets are fantastic decor pieces! Everyone needs that super gorgeous, I just love holding it, makeup! Here’s mine;

Rainforest after dark
tarte Limited-Edition Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette

The Travel Palette

I covet the perfect travel palette. We all need it. That palette that you just grab that has the majority of what you need all in 1 compact place! Currently mines from Pixi but I am on the market to replace it because I’ve had this one for nearly 2 years and am growing tired of it.

luxury make up beauty marc jacobs (1)

The super luxury, just because piece

You know that makeup that is ridiculously over priced but super luxe it makes you feel like a celebrity just holding it!? That!? Yeah. We all need something like that in our collection. That thing you splurged on just because it was your birthday or you begged a loved one to buy you. Currently mine’s a Burberry shadow I picked up in Europe. I’d never buy a single shadow this expensive but it comes in a leather case with a gun metal packaging soooo I had to have it 🙂

The on-trend thing that makes you feel like a million dollars


An Urban Decay Naked Palette, any of them or all of them 🙂

Urban Decay is (in my opinion) the brand to hold all other brands to. Sometimes a different brand does something better than them, but most don’t. And they’re so accessible that most people have some sort of Urban Decay product. They’re Naked series is iconic and started the nude palette trend. We all need an Urban Decay Naked palette in our life, I currently own the Naked 2!



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