Annabelle Brow-to-Go Brow Shaping Kit – A Review


Since I love Annabelle’s Skinny Brow pencil I figured I’d give other brow products from them a shot. I wanted a brow kit like this for days I’m looking to add a little more drama to my makeup. I haven’t decided if my brows are better suited to a pencil or a kit so I thought I’d play around and see 🙂 As luck would have it, I caught a sale and got this for $5 rather than the usual $9.99. Unfortunately the girl at my Shoppers explained to me that Annabelle was being phased out – hence the sale – in favor of adding new NYX displays! So yay for more NYX but boo for seeing the demise of a Canadian brand at Shoppers 😦 Hopefully this doesn’t mean the beginning of the end for Annabelle since they do have some really nice products! Anyway… here’s my experience with their new brow kit!

The Packaging


This wee little brow kit is cute and portable! Perfect for travel with it’s hard plastic casing that also includes a double ended brush and mini tweezers! Both tools are usable. I’d take them on the road as back up but for day to day one might want to grab their preferred brow brush for ergonomics. None the less – an all in one brow kit for $9.99 that totally is usable is fantastic so I’m really pleased with the packaging.

The Product


The product includes 2 shades of brow powder and a brow wax. The brow powders feel just like a good quality eyeshadow; pigmented, smooth and very little kick up or fall out 🙂 The wax holds my brows in place. At first I thought it looked a little wet but it dried down after a few minutes. The nice thing about the wax over a gel is that it doesn’t leave your brows crunchy so they maintain a more natural texture. I have no complaints on the actual products either. This is without a doubt a stand-up offering from Annabelle 🙂

The Results



One of my brows is all done up and the other is not. It made a big difference to be able to fill in my brows where needed and then smooth them all in to place with the wax. I liked the end look, I felt it still looked natural but gave me some needed definition to my brows. It holds up all day (assuming I don’t get stressed and rub my forehead out of aggravation. Nothing saves my makeup from my stress habits…).


No complaints! I think this kit works! The only caveat I have to mention is that I’m not a super brow person so I don’t have a lot of things to compare it to. I used to have a brow kit from Quo that I got rid of because the powders kicked up a lot and made a mess when you dipped your brush in to it. I don’t find that the Brow Kit from Annabelle has that issue so I like it. It works for me!


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