Yay or Nay Sunday – Marcelle Lux Colour Rush Lip Laquer

This Sunday, I am looking at a simple review of the Marcelle, Lux Colour Rush lip lacquer in 25 Bashful Pink.

IMG_20160209_161759.jpgI picked up just one in a natural colour since I wasn’t impressed with their lip glosses, I didn’t want to get too many if I don’t end up liking this one either.

However, I like this much better than their old glosses, which I ended up getting rid of.

At first application, it feels pretty soft on the lips, not sticky at all. It looks pretty but I wouldn’t rush to go out and buy another (like the pun there? hehehe).

What I like it for is as an everyday-keep-in-it-your-purse just in case you want something on your lips, but it is nothing super special. It won’t replace my Julep Lipgloss in Splendid!

I will give it that it could be universally useful to either put over a lipstick or liquid lipstick or just on its own as this colour, 25 Bashful Pink, is always stylish and goes with any look. Probably perfect for a no-makeup makeup day.

As far as the packaging, I think it is really cute. I like the silver handle and I love the doe foot applicator. I also like that the top clicks so you know it is really sealed tight. It also has a faint fruity smell that I think is just enough.


I think that’s pretty much as far of a review that I will make for it! Here is the swatches. I guess after trying it on, if you have pigmented lips, this may not show up very much on your lips. For me, my lips have some discoloration on them so it just evens out the colour all over.

Overall I would give this a Yay. It not a complete Nay as it does have its uses but it’s also not a full yay because I wouldn’t run out to purchase the other colours. I may try another darker one just to compare the pigmentation.



Hope you enjoyed this review!


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