Major Haul – Drugstore Part 2!

Yesterday was my part 1! I had to cut it into 2 because the post was just too long. So here is what I got on my part 2 of this drugstore haul. IMG_20160205_145152

L’Oréal Lumi Cushion Foundation, I’ve already reviewed this and I still love it! See my review here.


Another L’Oréal product I picked up is this Infallible Pro-Contour and Highlight kit in light. I am glad that the drugstore is starting to branch out in these products! Exciting!


Then on separate shopping trips, I was able to get all 3 colours of the Covergirl trunaked palettes in nudes, goldens and roses. I haven’t use these yet but just swatching them, these so far have impressed me. So far, the swatch and look much better than the Maybelline palettes. I git all of these on sale and I sure you can too, don’t pay full price!

I am thinking of doing a palette a week post and review what I use for the week or 2 and to add these to the rotation! Is there one you would want to see 1st?


The famous Maybelline Colour Tattoos are now in crayon form, so I got 2, 700 barely beige and 715 lavish lavender. I am hoping these are good for a 1 shadow look or the beige one to serve as a base for a simple eye look.


My search to dupe the $30 benefit Gimme brow is on, in the 1st part of this haul, you saw the essence on and and I also found this Marcelle Perfect Brow one for $11.95. I will do a comparison of all of these to see how they all work out.


Another Marcelle product, Lux Colour Rush lip laquer. I picked up just one in a natural colour since I wasn’t impressed with their lip glosses, I didn’t want to get too many if I don’t end up liking this one either.


And to finish it off, some Maybelline products.

The Maybelline Master Prime Long Lasting Eyeshadow Base in 420. I love trying some eyeshadow base and this one looks like it has colour to is which is always what I am looking for. It looks dark, but it is the only colour I have found. We will see how it works out.


Next was the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid lipstick. I am hopeful for this one!!


Maybelline Master Precise Skinny Automatic Pencil in 220 Sharp Brown. I like these types of liners, I really like the pencil ones like this from Stila, so I am excited to try this one.


And lastly, the Maybelline Brow Define + Fill brow pencil in 255 Soft Brown. I obviously got the wrong colour, it is way too light but I will have to try it out to see if it is worth getting a new one in a darker colour.


IMG_20160209_152829.jpgHope you enjoyed this haul and looks for reviews coming! Also, next week, I will post the high end side of this haul…. yah, there is more.




4 thoughts on “Major Haul – Drugstore Part 2!

  1. I was tempted by the Maybelline Master Prime Long Lasting Eyeshadow Base but the reviews online are poor for it – I hope it works for you!
    And wow, you picked up ALL of the CG palette! I just got the Rose one. Can you review the Nudes one?


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