Major Haul – Drugstore Part 1!

I may have done some damage…. but I sense it will be a lot of fun to play! I hadn’t bought anything from the drug store in a while so I went a little crazy. This is a cumulative haul since the beginning of the year. Hope you enjoy and look forward to some reviews 🙂


I found some goodies at the Canadian Superstore and looks like it was tons of Covergirl stuff.

I got 2 of the new tru blend blush in light 100 and medium 200. First impression just from swatching them they look light but I am excited to see them in action on the cheeks as there are 2 beautiful colours. There is also a dark colour available and a bronzer. I didn’t pick up the bronzer since it was too orange and had sparkle in it which I don’t tend to enjoy in my bronzers.


There was also some new primers. I picked the for dry skin as it’s the right one for me but there are some normal and oily skin too.


Then I found these chubby sticks from Covergirl called Jumbo Gloss Balms. They seem to come in different finishes; sheer, cream and another version that didn’t really have a name except for lip perfection. I love chubby sticks so I was excited to find these.



L’Oréal true match blush was also on sale… I still found it expense for a drug store blush and first impression it doesn’t swatch super awesome. I’ll try it out but for the price 15.99, I expect a good quality.


Annabelle has these new Big Show Laquers out that I am not sure what they are supposed to be… gloss? liquid lipstick?


I got 2 things from essence, a form of liquid lipstick (Sheena reviewed these here) and what I hope is a dupe for the benefit gimme brow, the essence make me brow.


Then I also got these Luxury Quo cotton pads, they were on sale 2 packs of 30 for $3 that I haven’t tried before but they are super soft.


Part 2 coming tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Major Haul – Drugstore Part 1!

  1. Oh those CG baked blushes look really nice! One of my favourite blushes is a limited edition baked one from Maybelline. 🙂
    The Essence liquid lipstick packaging looks a lot like the Maybelline Color Elixirs, don’t you think?
    The Quo luxury cotton pads are quite good – they don’t fall apart and are lint-free.


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