New Essence Liquid Lipstick


I picked up the new Liquid Lipsticks from Essence for $4.99 at Shoppers! I also grabbed the Make Me Brow gel but Nat’s cooking up a really cool post on it so I won’t talk about my opinion of the brow gel 🙂 I’ve been playing with the liquid lipsticks and I actually have quite a bit to say!

Essence recently came out with new liquid lipsticks. The whole line has 6 shades. On their website they claim:

Liquid love! This NEW formula combines the best of both lipstick and lipgloss. Get the impact and coverage of a lipstick with the moisturizing shine of a gloss.

For some odd reason I got them confused with a lip stain and expected them to dry down matte! I liked the look of them on my lips but they DO NOT dry down matte! Essence doesn’t even try to go there… I don’t know what I was thinking?? Pregnancy brain maybe?

Anyway… I got the shades “06 Make A Statement,” the deeper shade, and the lighter more pink shade in “05 Peach Party.”

They swatch out like an opaque lip gloss:

These Liquid Lipsticks almost work like a lip gloss that happens to stain your lips once it’s largely warn off. The effect on your lips is still pretty when the product is present and it doesn’t wear off in a weird, patchy way.

Above: Just applied “06 Make A Statement” followed by a pic of 4 hours later. I’ve since eaten and had a drink. They stain is still present but the gloss is all gone.

In the end I have decided that I quite like the finish and the appearance on my lips. I found that the actual finish lasted for about an hour or so. The staining effect was incidental to the product but it’s not a bad thing. The only draw back is that because it’s so opaque this is not a mirror-less product like a typical lip gloss usually is. If you’re not careful you can get it all over your face! I do wish that the colour on my lips was as vibrant as the swatches. I suppose the fact that they’re not makes them more wearable. Still it was a little disappointing.

None the less for under t$5 these aren’t a bad option. The colour selection is very nice (albeit lacking in variety). I will likely pick up the berry shade that they have as well! Could you do better at the drugstore? Quite possibly. However most brands are closer to $10 in price so unless you can catch a sale these Essence glosses are a steal. I think anyone could enjoy this line whether you’re an avid makeup wearer or beginner.


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