Skin Care Round Up #2


Just a little diddy about some various skincare products I’ve been playing with. I’m not very good about talking about skin care products in depth so I like to round them all up, offer my impressions and call it a day! Hopefully my input might be of use to someone 🙂

I finished up my Live Clean Body Wash and decided to try some new body washes out. The only reason why I wanted to try something new was simply for the sake of trying new things! I was looking for Canadian products that smell good 🙂 First attempt…

Lavender Mint Hand & Body Wash from Terra20


I like a body wash to be gentle and extra moisturizing. Typically I go for body washes with coconut oil or shea in the ingredients. Or similar type of ingredients. I Was at Terra20 and decided to try this body wash out in spite of the lack of moisturizing ingredients. I should have known better because it really didn’t work out for my skin. It cleans me up all well and good but it doesn’t leave my skin feeling happy and smooth 😦 I do absolutely love the smell! I’m a huge fan of lavender and mint so that was a big bonus. The scent is very refreshing and reminds me a lot of Aveda products. I’ve tried some Aveda products in the past and I’d go so far as to say that if you’re an Aveda fan but don’t have the budget to buy them all the time try Terra20’s house brand. They offer soaps/body wash as well as shampoo & conditioners. Now since this is a hand soap as well as a body wash it has not gone to waste. It’s now my hand soap in my bathroom – my husband loves the smell too!

Delectable Supremely Rich Body Wash in Lemon & Cream


This was my next attempt at a body wash by a Canadian brand. Last year I was obsessed with the hand cream and body spray in lemon cream so when I noticed the body wash has coconut oil in it, I figured it’d be a hit! Sadly it’s inherently too perfumey for my more sensitive spots. It’s nice but not great. I think I will end up going back to Live Clean.

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil


I got this in a kit last year and talked about it then. After testing it for a few weeks I went back to my other oil from Andalou. I was trying to use up the Andalou one since it was half done. OF course oils take forever to use up so here we are months later just finally getting back to this pricey product from Josie Maran. My only issue really is the price point, more than double Andalous. I do like how this oil is much finer and as results absorbs in to my skin much faster than Andalou’s. That’s something that I didn’t pick up on right away but now I’m starting to really appreciate the quality of this oil.

Darphin Paris Intral Redness Relief Soothing Serum


I don’t think I ever talk about this product but as you can see I’m nearly half done. This is a serum that claims to reduce redness. I suffer from seriously red and irritable skin so I’m looking for ways to help sooth my cranky skin. This serum is close to $90 and I got it at Murale with my Optimum points. It’s not cruelty-free, despite being told it was, so for that reason I won’t re-buy BUT I have to admit… when I stop using the serum my redness gets worse. When I use the serum I still see redness but I think it’s not as bad as it is when I don’t use the serum. So it seems to actually achieve it’s claims!

Nourish Organic Renewing Eye Cream 


Nat gave me this a few months ago. I have a hard time saying conclusively if eye creams work but what I can say is this; it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes, it absorbs rapidly, and it feels cool!

And that’s it! That’s a quick round up of various skin care products that I’ve been meaning to talk about but couldn’t figure out how to write a full post on… I hope this was useful to people!


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