Nat’s January 2016 Favourites

I can’t believe how quickly January has come and gone. As I write this I am more than halfway through my pregnancy and hitting February just seems like it makes it that much closer to my due date. For January, the winter hasn’t been as brutal as other winters we have experienced before here in Ottawa. There are days of “holy moly it’s cold” but then it balances out with warmer weather. I AM SO OK WITH THIS. I hate winter. I miss going out on walks or just tinkering in my flower garden, hell, I just miss fresh air! Now that I have more energy (sorta) and feel like doing makeup, I am getting back into the swing of things and trying some stuff out. Other than wanting to do a drug store haul, I want to shop my stash and rotate things regularly to try and get the most out of my collection. I don’t intend to do a project pan, but more using certain palettes or blushes, etc. for a week or 2 to see if 1) I like it, 2) should I keep it and 3) will I reach for it in the future. I started late in the month so I don’t have much reviews for you soon, but Feb will start more reviews :). Below is what I enjoyed this month!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

This is an oldie but a goodie. I took it back out for a week in Jan (as part of what I am doing mentioned above) and did looks with it each day. Yup, I LOVE this palette. I didn’t think that I would really add the “it smells like chocolate” to the list of why I like it since I originally thought it was gimmicky but O.M.G. it smells like chocolate lol. It is a reason I like it, it adds something to it that no other palette has, a uniqueness if you will. The shadows are pigmented (some are better than others), blend well and go well together too. I found it easy to create looks for work and then add a darker colour for the evening. A lot of people recommend the Naked palettes for starters or people who ask, if I had to buy just one, which would it be, I say screw that, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is what you should get.


Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick Duo in Cortado/Latte

This was part of Bite’s holiday sets, these duos are amazing. If you can get your hands on them, get them. It is a cheap way of getting 2 great shades of a great lipstick. It is not the most long wearing but I love how my lips feel with it on as it makes them smooth and moisturized. I have been raving since like day 1 of this blog and even before about these and I will keep doing it. This favorite is more for the shades. These are more neutral browns but not too brown that are very on trend lately. They compliment natural work day makeups very well.


Bite Agave Lip Mask in Champagne

In these winter months, even my lips are dry and I need something to bring them back to their original splendor. I had tried the sample size of the regular mask that doesn’t have a colour and I really liked it. I noticed a difference with my dryness of lips and it made a difference for application of lipstick after. But I only wore it at night before bed since it is a thick consistency and doesn’t really allow for any other colour to be applied over top. Missy got me the Lip Mask in Champagne for my birthday and with the added colour, it has gone from a nighttime application only to a potential daytime look if needed! Since it has a glossy, almost frosty finish, when my lips are super dry and lipstick just looks awful, I can just slap this on and look like I have some colour on my lips and that my look is more complete than bare lips with a lip balm. This lives in my purse.


Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Being pregnant for me means being afraid of germs since I really don’t want to get sick (so far so good!). So that means I go through hand sanitizer like it’s candy.. except I don’t eat it for course lol. I was using just regular Purell but when I saw that Bath and Body Works reformulated their Anti-Bacterial hand gel, I had to try them. They have the same great smells as their candles and soaps so I was of course, drawn to them. I did try the old ones (in the triangle packaging) and never liked them because they would dry out my hands. I can’t stand dry hands. However, their new formulation has aloe and other moisturizing ingredients that made all the difference. Now I have these everywhere; two in my office at work, one in my kitchen, one in my living room, one in my purse and of course a few backups in my beauty room I got in my stocking on Christmas. 🙂


First Aid Beauty (FAB) Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration

So I know this is probably old news as everyone has talked about this cream but it is new to me. I had a bunch of moisturizers to try and go through so I didn’t want to get another one to add to my wait list, these things aren’t cheap! When the Holiday sets came out, FAB had a fab-ulous kit for a good price that included the 6oz tub of this cream. I finished what I was using and what motivated me to try it and bump it up the wait list was that my skin is sooo dry (see my post on dry skin troubles and fixes) and parched due to winter and pregnancy that I needed something more heavy duty. And let me tell you, I am happy I am using this. I have seen such a difference in the hydration of my skin and how my makeup applies. I also use it on other dry patches of skin anywhere on my body and it is a miracle worker. I have dry patches of skin on my forearms that have been there for a long time always itchy and annoying, I applied this cream and the next day they were gone. If they flare up, I just put more and they begone again! All to say that I love this cream and in winter it will be my go-to for sure.



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