ELF Haul!!


I finally did it! I finally found things on ELF’s site that they don’t sell in Canada, that I was interested in and while they were having a great sale! Some of the stuff I bought they do sell here but others they don’t. I added some items to tip me over the free shipping threshold. It;s not free shipping to Canada but if you get the free shipping they basically discount your shipping and it works out to be around $2.50 USD for shipping. I think that’s acceptable so I went on ahead and ordered!

Immediately I had a huge let down. The deal I was looking to take advantage of was their new skincare kit. If you entered their promo code, you’d get the skincare kit for $10! It had 4 or 5 products in it and these items aren’t in Canada yet. I thought it’d be so fun to try them out for the blog but they didn’t arrive! It was on my invoice however…


Turns out I wasn’t charged for the kit. It looked to me like it was in my basket because it showed as a line item on my invoice but apparently after entering the promo code I also had to go and add the kit. A step that I missed and so I missed out on it all together 😦 I’m really annoyed at myself for messing this one up because it no longer made sense for me to place an order on ELF’s site. I essentially over paid for some items. *sigh* live and learn… next time I will be extra careful!


One of the items that is not available in Canada (yet) but I Was interested in is their contour palette and brush. I don’t contour and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I wanted to get an inexpensive kit to dabble in. Several reviewers I trust like this palette so for $6 USD I figured, why not give it a go? I got the crazy weird brush too 🙂 I tried it once so far and am totally unsure of how I feel about it. Also I suck at contouring soooo there’s some learning curve there! haha!

I love ELF brushes so I picked up a bunch more. I don’t think I like the angled contour brush so far. I need to try it more. Everything else was great. Especially that crease brush!

I’m on the hunt for more lipstick. I’m playing with inexpensive lipsticks to help uncover the shades that suit me best. So far I’m learning that I need to pick darker colours than I normally gravitate to. I have darker lips naturally so if the lipstick isn’t at least the shade of my lips, it tends to wash me out! I grabbed the 3 shades shown.

I like them so far. They last about 2-3 hours on my lips and are creamy. So far so good!


And just because, I picked up some eyeliner. It’s on my to-do list to try more eyeliner and find something works for me! I wanted to try different shades so I added these in to my cart as well.


I tried the copper shade once and was quite happy! It lasted all day and didn’t smudge. It was easier to apply than the Essence liner I tried last year. Much much more creamy than the Essence one. I used the brush that it came with and it did the job too!

So that’s my haul! I will likely do a review of the contour palette. I wish I didn’t mess up the sale because without taking advantage of a sale like that, I find the per unit price to be higher after conversion than it is for me to buy it in the store. Next time I will be more diligent.




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