Sheena’s January 2016 Favourites


It’s been a makeup revival for me lately! I’ve been buyin’ and tryin’ tons of stuff! Some of my new purchases have been making their way in to my everyday makeup basket and getting a lot of love from me 🙂 Let’s get in to it!

Carli Bybel Palette

Last week I wrote about my BH Cosmetics order and the Carli Bybel palette! Well I used it throughout the second half of December and most of January therefor it is totally in my January faves!!! I’m wearing the blush, highlighter and eyeshadow in the pic of me above.


MAC Cool Neutral Palette

In the last week or so of January I picked up the MAC Cool Neutral Palette. It was splurge made possible with a giftcard and I absolutely love it. I used to wear a lot of MAC products but stopped about 2 years ago. Lately I’ve been getting back in to them. I’m floored with how easy the shadows are to use. They blend like a dream. They build better than any other shadow I own. Yet they don’t swatch as well as other high-end shadows. Does anyone else think that or am I crazy? Regardless, I will definitely buy more!


MAC Paint Pot – Painterly

Speaking of buying more MAC products… I finally broke down and picked up a MAC Paint Pot. Since being pregnant my eyes are insanely red and vainy on the lids. Regular primer was no longer cutting. I had to get serious with creating a makeup base. This has changed the game for me. I use it daily. The hype is real.


Benefit Erase Paste – Medium

And since I’m pregnant I don’t really sleep all that much which means my already terrible dark circles under the eyes are even worse! I ditched the NARS concealer in Honey because it wasn’t working with my winter skin colour anymore and picked up the Erase Paste. I’ve had this for quite a while and now I remember what I love about it and also what I don’t love about it… I love that it cancels my dark circles while brightening the under eye! It’s amazing at that! I don’t like how it breaks apart and creases during the day no matter what I set it with. If anyone has a better suggestion please PLEASE let me know!! I foresee very little sleep in the my future.


That’s all! I’ve been playing with loads of new things but this is what I have been loving or rediscovering for the month of January!


3 thoughts on “Sheena’s January 2016 Favourites

  1. MAC Paint Pots are awesome! Can’t live without mine. 🙂
    I had the Erase Paste before too and it’s WAY too greasy for me. I tried using a primer (like a silicone based one) underneath which helped a bit but still wasn’t perfect. Do you set it with powder?


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