Pure Anada -A Canadian Makeup Brand Overview


Pure Anada is a Canadian natural cosmetics company based out of Manitoba! Morden Manitoba to be exact. Their products are made in Canada from natural and organic ingredients. They are cruelty-free which is a big yay in my books! I find this brand at Terra20 and Well.ca. They’re quite accessible for a boutique Canadian brand. During my most recent trip to Terra20 I decided to take the plunge and test them out! I picked up a foundation, blush and lip stick. Lots of pictures are included so be sure to grab a coffee before you read the rest!

I didn’t pick up eyeshadow because I have so much of it right now. I did get their Sheer Radiant Tinted Moisturizer $25, Pressed Mineral Cheek Colour (blush) $12, and Petal Perfect Lipstick $14!

Let’s start with the tinted moisturizer:



It comes in a large tube with an air pump. This means that there is no straw in the pump so you need to fiddle with it a bit to get it going. I only struggled with it the first time and after that it tends to come out rather well although it does occasionally spit up air pockets.They claim that the air pump means that you can use up more of the product that a straw would not be able to reach. If that’s the case then I’m ok with that however maybe they should consider switching to a simple squeezey tube?

Pure Anada Claims that their Tinted Moisturizer:


  • Hydrate and illuminate your skin with Pure Anada Sheer Radiance Tinted Moisturizer
  • It’s a perfect choice for mature or dry skin types that don’t need full coverage
  • The mineral pigments used to tint this product offer natural sun protection

I wouldn’t dispute any of these claims. It provides sheer coverage that adds a little boost to my complexion that is hardly detectable. I do wish that they could identify how much sun protection that they offer in this tinted moisturizer though. Not knowing means I can’t really rely on it as sun protection which will rule out me using this product for the summer time 😦 Other than that, I was quite happy with how it overall!

You can see my before and after above. Some redness is muted out and my skin looks a little more lively in the second photo. It’s perfect to wear with a little concealer and a hint of mascara. I would have wanted to use it as my first attempt for Mommy makeup because its so easy to blend out but again, not knowing the SPF makes it hard to really count on.

Next up is their blush!


I grabbed the shade “Sweet Pea.” I was hoping for a natural, barely there blush to go with a basic sheer tinted moisturizer. This blush definitely fits that description!


It’s sold in a pan that is intended to be used with a Z Palette. In fact, Pure Anada sells a smaller version of a Z Palette for $6 each. Their shadows are sold as individual pans too. I really like the idea of buying individual pans of products and making my own palettes. It’s something that I’m looking to experiment with this year so I was really excited to get a blush in this format. It’s quite a delicate colour and works for me in the winter but might be a little too soft for my natural summer “glow” (and by glow I mean burn… haha).

Lastly but not least is the lip stick.


I picked up the shade Hibiscus. I love the look of it in the tube! It comes in silver metal packaging. It doesn’t feel like cheap plastic but cool like metal. There is no branding on it save for the top of the lid which has PA embossed in it.


In the tube the Hibiscus shade looks like a rich berry colour. In a swatch it looks a little like blood!


Maybe it’s just me but I think it looks a bit like blood. I did like the shade on my lips! It’s deeper than a typical Sheena colour and that’s ok. I was looking to step our of my shell a little. I wouldn’t describe this an amazing formula. It does seem to last a long time and even stained my hand after I washed away the swatch above with makeup remover.


It pulls on the lips when I apply it. It needs to warm up a little in order to feel smooth. For that reason I don’t think many people will like this product but it didn’t really bother me. It just means I have to be a little slow when applying!

Overall I’m quite happy with my purchases and I’d buy more! I love the blush and would like to  buy a deeper shade next time. I like the lipstick and the tinted moisturizer but they both come with some flaws so I’m on the fence if I’d buy them again. I do look forward to checking out their eyeshadow singles!!

I would recommend this brand to the light makeup wearer. Someone who wants a little polishing but doesn’t want to fuss much over makeup.



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