Sleek Makeup Oh So Special Palette – A Review


I was Oh So excited to get this off of Amazon for $15! (me so punny) I tried Sleek Makeups blushes and was very impressed so I decided to try out an eyeshadow palette. Sleek is a UK based makeup brand that is known for budget friendly, high quality makeup. They have a website that ships to Canada for free but after a $75 purchase. $75 can go a long way at Sleek so before I did a full on haul, I wanted to just try out some shadows. I have to say, a haul might be in order for 2016!

The Palette



This palette is pink themed with lots of shades for contrast and to make things pop! It includes 12 amazing shades, a mirror, and a sponge tip applicator.

The shades are all named but sadly they’re named on a seperate piece of plastic. Yaaaaa… that’s going to get lost really soon I’m sure!

The palette is a hard plastic and feels pretty rigid. The only draw back is that it’s rather clumsy to open and I find myself having to fight with them a lot. That’s sort of a bummer because it makes me want to use this less when I’m all grumpy at 6am.

The Shadows


The shadows are all buttery and smooth – even the mattes. As you can see from the swatch above, they have excellent pigmentation! The only shade that doesn’t show up in the photo is the one shade that exactly matches my skin.

I love the colour selection in this palette. I’ve already used almost all of them. I find that each shade is distinct from the next, which is awesome because I get really annoyed when I buy a palette and most of the shadows look the same on the lid and swatches…


I’m impressed. I’d buy more and I’d even buy a haul from Sleek! They have a huge range of products that make me very excited 🙂 The only downside is the packaging is tough to open. I had the same issue with the blush and I checked reviews – many others had the same complaint. Other than that I feel like you aren’t compromising on quality with the lower price tag of Sleek makeup. This company can put to shame some of the high end brands at Sephora. I highly recommend checking them out, especially if you’re a beauty lover on a budget!



4 thoughts on “Sleek Makeup Oh So Special Palette – A Review

    1. I find only certain things on Amazon but it’s a nice way to hunt down things that we can’t get in Canada and possibly get them with free shipping! I got the W7 palette on Amazon. I also bought what I thought was a coastal Scents palette and I suspect that it wasn’t actually one! lol! Oh well!!! Sleek has TONS of products. I highly recommend checking them out 🙂

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