Reptilian Dry Winter Skin Troubles??

Well, it has come, winter in Ottawa… We had a mild and green/brown Christmas but a few days later and BAM 21cm of snow… big big storm and with that came colder weather. What does that mean? The return of dry skin. Yes, the menace is back! I have dry skin year round but it is manageable in Summer and I even have some days where the dry is fully hydrated! But during the winter, it’s dry skin all day, every day. To top it off, I am pregnant (yay! 1st baby on the way) which means that I not only need to hydrate normally, but I am vomiting multiple times a day, which makes it even more important to stay hydrated. All that to say, that keeping on top of hydrating this winter is challenging!


If you are suffering the same dry-skin-reptilian-like-winter-skin-blues, (whether you are pregnant or not), here are some tips that can help anyone with their dry skin troubles:

  • Stay hydrated: This is always important, no matter if you have dry skin or not. But if you have dry skin, getting your 8 glasses a day can help tremendously in keeping your skin hydrated. 
  • Add oil, such as Vitamin E oil to your bath water: This is a nifty trick that I learned at, of all places, a Fantasia party. I have some vitamin E oil that I put lightly in my bath water and it soaks up nicely in my skin as a I read a book and relax. This is a trick that actually works but make sure that you don’t put too much oil in the bath water because then it will just coat your skin instead of soaking in and hydrating it. Just a few drops should be enough. 
  • Exfoliate your skin: This sounds simple but I am not just talking about your face here, it is just as important to exfoliate your body. I like to do this in the bath using an exfoliating glove ($3.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart) and a nice vanilla bean scrub from Bath and Body Works. The combination takes away the layer of dead skin and allows for moisture to come in (especially when using the oil trick above). 


  • Choose a long lasting moisturizer such as a body butter: When it comes to my body, I NEED a long lasting moisturizer. I keep a backup at work when I wear dresses or capris of a spray on Vaseline cream but that won’t cut it in the dead of the cold winter. A body butter lasts a lot longuer and the skin absorbs it well. My all-time favourite is the Live Clean body butter. I mean wow, I was so impressed how long it lasted, especially on my legs! The other ones I like is the Body Shop body butters, they last long and come in a variety of smells. I recommend both.

live cleanaloe-body-butter_l

  • Moisturize as soon as you come out of the bath/shower: This is key, when your pores are open, the moisturizer absorbs a lot better. You will get the most out of your moisturizer if you apply it to your body quickly after your shower/bath. Try it and let me know if it works for you.
  • Use face masks: I didn’t use to be a fan of face masks but oh man, now I am living it up. I find they feel so good and can keep moisture in my skin longuer than just a day cream. The combination of both makes a difference and some masks also have some other benefits like anti-aging, firming, etc.
  • Moisturize before bed: This is how I first started, I wasn’t sure what I was doing when I was experimenting with moisturizers. This is what I would suggest to you if you don’t know where to start. Moisturizing before you go to sleep will help your skin be hydrated when you wake up, so you aren’t starting from scratch every morning.
  • Feet trick – heavy duty moisturizer + socks = happy feet: When I take a bath in the evening, I like to hang around the house a bit before bed because I feel so relaxed. My trick to get my feet happy is using this magical thick foot moisturizer that I found at Wal-Mart from Burt’s Bees, their Coconut Foot Cream. It is very thick and oily so it is not a moisturizer that you wear without socks or straight to your bed. It needs time to absorb, but trust me, it works! After my bath, I put this on (make sure your feet don’t touch your floors or they will leave a mark) and I put on a pair of comfy socks to let the cream absorb. You will thank me later, I promise! bb

Lastly, don’t forget to still use SPF even if its not the summer, those winter rays can be just as damaging for your skin!

Hope you all enjoyed this!



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