W7 Lightly Toasted Palette – A review of a Naked Palette Dupe


I hauled this some time ago. It cost me about $11 and change, tax included, shipping included from Amazon.ca. W7 (or War Paint Cosmetics – love that name!) is a UK makeup company that does blatant dupes of popular brands. I read lots of reviews of this product and found that some swore by it and others were less than impressed. I happened to have $11 and was contemplating getting an Urban Decay Naked dupe so this guy managed to find it’s way in to my shopping cart 🙂 I don’t own the Naked palette but was considering getting a dupe because I want it but I don’t feel the need to pay $64 for it when there are so many other good dupes or similar style palettes out there for less. Did this palette fill that gap for me?

The answer is…. No. It did not. And here’s why.

The Packaging


The W7 Lightly Toasted Palette comes in a tin packaging that at first glance looks similar to the Naked 2 packaging. When you hold the 2 palettes in each hand you notice a HUGE difference. The Naked 2 packaging is solid and strong whereas the Lightly Toasted packaging feels like a cheep chocolate tin. Something from the dollar store as opposed to something of quality. Given the price of the palette I wasn’t that set back by the flimsy feeling of the tin. However when I opened it up a few other flaws accumulated to make me dislike the packaging all together… The shadows are contained in a black foam with a paper layer on top to disguise the foam. I imagine that it would be really easy to damage the shadows. Perhaps a perk could be that it is potentially easier to depot these shadows?? Not sure about that but maybe someone else has done it? I also found that it contained a brush very similar to the LA Girl Beauty Bricks’ brushes. The brush is pretty useless and I didn’t even bother trying it out. The biggest draw back to the brush is that the palette doesn’t close in a way that keeps the brush in it’s slot so every time you open it up the brush has fallen out of place, touched the shadows and kicked up a little mess 😦 I really think that they could have done a better job if they didn’t try so hard to emulate Urban Decay right down to the detail. For a palette in this price bracket card board would have been fine!

The Eyeshadows

Of course packaging is important but good eyeshadows are key!! I will not go so far as to say these eyeshadows are bad, they’re alright. They’re even worth $11 but they don’t really have a place in my collection. First of all they aren’t very pigmented (see below swatch).



Working with them on the lid I found that they were dusty, caused a lot of fallout but I managed to get a nice basic brown look out of them. The end look I felt wouldn’t change much based on the colours I chose from the palette and wasn’t very unique against a see of other brown palettes I own. I was disappointed that the black and the slate blue colour looked the same in swatches and on the lid. The peanut brown that would in theory make a great transition shade hardly shows up. The key shadows that really need to perform well to make this a usable palette simply just don’t.


Even though they blended ok and I achieved something that looked nice I don’t feel the need to reach for this palette again. As I said, the shades that should make this palette pop a little don’t live up to expectation. The packaging is flimsy and not very exciting to use. There’s nothing about this palette that makes me want to try it again or see if I can unlock it’s potential. As I mentioned in the beginning, I don’t own the Urban Decay Naked and was looking to get a dupe to have in my collection. After playing with this palette I decided that maybe I don’t really need a dupe. I own the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette which makes gorgeous brown looks and contains some nice pops of colour! The experience with this W7 palette just makes me want to go play with my better, Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.

As for would I recommend this to anyone? Sure. Younger girls getting in to makeup might really love this and I think lighter pigmented shadows are great for beginners. If you’re looking for a true Urban Decay Naked Dupe and are more than just a makeup beginner, I’d look elsewhere. You’ll be let still coveting the original Naked palette.



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