They’re Back! – La Chatelaine Hand Creams!

Last year I posted about these creams (see post here), and they are back again at Costco. When I saw these come back, I had to pick one up for my mom, sister-in-law and myself for Christmas.


To know more details about the creams, go see my last post, where I rave about these. But I will say this: I have absolutely fallen in love with these hand creams. The claims are true, they are not greasy and absorb very quick into the skin leaving them feeling soft and hydrated. These are made in France, are completely cruelty free and are made with a blend of 20% organic shea butter and argan oil that moisturizes and repairs dry skin.

I got many questions on where to purchase these on my last post, well now, guess what, they are now available for individual purchase on the company’s website, or here.  They weren’t available before on their website and you could only find them during Christmas time at Costco, but now the wait is over. 🙂


The Kit this year composes of 12 creams (just like last year) with 9 new scents and 3 favourites from their spring collection (found in last year’s kit). Here is a break down of the scents, well as best as I can describe them!

1- Citruz Fizz (new scent): Exactly what you would think, it smells like a fizzy citrus drink. I love this one.

2- Wild Fig (new scent): This one is sweet with a slight tartness. If you love figs, this is your scent.

3- Cinnamon Orange (new scent): This one is heaven, I am not a huge fan of cinnamon smell but it just has a hint of it that complements the orange smell sooooo well.

4- Cherry Almond (new scent): I think they should just call this “childhood memory cherry”. It brings up so many memories of that cherry smell I loved so much as a child. I could just smell my hands all day.


5- Lavender (last year favourite): Simple strong lavender smell. If you love lavender, you will LOVE this one.

6- Coconut Milk (last year favourite): simple, it smells like coconut. I am not a huge fan of coconut smell but if you love coconut, you will love this.

7- Shea (last year favourite): If like a simple smell, this is your cream. It is not too strong and smells nice and soft.

8- Winter Flower (new scent): I would describe a soft floral smell. Not as strong as the others, which could be nice for some.

creams 4

9- Rose Blossom (new scent): How do I describe this one, it brings me back to a product that I just can’t identify that my mom had in her washroom beauty vanity when I was growing up. I didn’t like the smell then and I still don’t. But I know that this is a smell that would appeal to many as it did my mom.

10- Lychee Cranberry (new scent): This one is an elegant soft fruity smell that is not overbearing, I think the Lychee comes out more. I like this one.

11- Pomegranate Mulberry (new scent): This one is soft too but has a more mulberry, slightly sour smell.

12- Amber Cashemere (new scent): I would describe this as the most classic hand-cream smell one in the bunch, with a twist of class in it.

creams 5

Well, now that I smell like I was dipped in 12 different perfumes, it is time to end this post.

I hope you enjoyed this and that if you can get your hands on the kit from Costco, get it! This is also nice if you think you may not use all 12 scents, keep your favourites and it could easily divide up to make great gifts.


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