Nat’s 2015 Top 10 – Reviewing The Best From Monthly Favourites

As I was going through my favourites, I realized that the items were already featured in my favourites since we started the blog in Sept 2014. I picked these 10 items from my collection because I still reach for them and would / have repurchased them. This is what made it very worthy to have them featured, when you reach for something over and over, you know you have found a jem! So Here they are, the top 10!

Benefit Rollerlash Mascara

Featured in my May 2015 favourites

I didn’t think I would ever want an expensive mascara or recommend one… I am of the mind that the drug store has excellent mascaras (and they do!) and that I would stick to that… But I got a sample size of the mascara through a Sephora order and didn’t use it. Then I decided to reach for it in May and fell in love. Well, let me be clear, it wasn’t love at first sight.  At first, I thought my lashes were clumpy and would fall but that was before I mastered how the use of the brush suited for my lashes. I constantly reach for it and I really see a difference when I use it. My lashes are full, have volume and just look great.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circle Concealer

This was featured in my 1st favourites back in Sept 2014 and it is still my go-to

This has been my go-to concealer for a while for one simple reason: it doesn’t crease. I like it for the under eye area. Even if I don’t have big dark circle and that is not my biggest concern, I enjoy using this because it doesn’t crease my many many fine lines under my eyes. I like the texture it is not too thick, it blends well and it is affordable. This is a medium coverage and I use the shade light to use as under-eye highlighting as well.

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in 14 Heather Pop

Featured in my Sept 2015, Oct 2015 favourites

It is no secret that I love the Clinique Cheek Pop blushes as I did a whole post and video about them. I have been reaching for this colour, Heather Pop the most. I just find it is perfect, it is a catch-all blush and goes with tons of looks. Also great for the fall.


Bioderma Sensibio H2O No Rinse Cleanser

Featured in my Dec 2014 favourites

I got a sample size of this cleanser in my November 2014 Topbox and I fell in love. I was not huge into cleansing, exfoliating, toner, etc. and I now getting into it and I am lazy at night and I want something quick and simple. This is perfect! Since it is a no-rinse cleanser, I can just use a cotton round, cleanse my face and VOILA! done. It removes my makeup very well and leaves my skin feeling nice. I have tried other ones where my skin feels dry after and I don’t like that. I struggle with dry skin already, so I don’t need a cleanser to make that worse. With this Bioderma one, I can cleanse my face and then apply my night-time moisturizer and my skin feels great. The only thing it doesn’t completely remove is when I wear waterproof eye makeup  but that doesn’t bother me. I have another product to help with that so I don’t see that as a down side.


Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows

Featured in Dec 2014 favourites

 I know these just came out in early December 2014 but since I have received them, I have been wearing these non-stop. As you can tell from my Yay or Nay Sunday back on Dec 21 2014 and from a few posts since new shades have been released, I love these.  I won’t go in too much other details since you can read all about my ravings here in the Yay or Nay, but I do have to say, you need these in your life!

Julep Lipgloss in Splendid

Featured in Jan 2015 favourites

It is no secret that I love the Julep lipglosses and if you follow me on Instagram, I posted about this colour. I have been obsessed with the colour Splendid for ever. I got it a bit ago with some coupons/sale and I didn’t really use it. But when I reached for it, that was it, I used it soooo much.

The colour is very natural but still has colour. There looks to be a little glitter in the tube but it doesn’t show up a lot on the lips (which is find by me). I liked using this for work as it gave a nice amount of colour that was perfect for the office. I am still amazed by its longevity, I keep looking in the mirror to apply more but didn’t need to. I love it.


MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle

Featured in my Oct 2014 Favourites

This may be old news to others, but this was my first MAC product. The formula is beautiful, it gives a great sheen to the skin and it is very subtle. It is very buildable and can be used only on the cheekbones as a highlighter or highlight on the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow and forehead. I apply this product with a fan brush and I need to swipe it decently into the pan each time before I apply for a good application of product. However, I do not see myself running out of this product so a loooong time, there is so much product in the pan, which helps justify the price.

Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon in Sedano Sands

Featured in my April 2015 favourites

I just reached for this one day, why? I was looking for a natural lip on a no makeup makeup day and I was pleasantly surprised by this. I like lip crayons and this one fits the bill in my book. It is hydrating and my lips feel soft while wearing it. It is also a perfect my lips but better colour and you could almost not tell if I am wearing something but you know my lips look better than normal. I have been pairing this with Julep Lipgloss in Charming. Makes a great natural look. Love it.

Nature Reinvents the Crayon

Kat Von D: Lock-it Powder Foundation (light 45)

This was featured in my 1st favourites back in Sept 2014

This is not a new item, but one I originally started using in February 2014 as one of my first items I ever purchased from Sephora. I have been through 4 of these. The reason this is a favourite is because it has made a comeback in my daily work makeup routine. It provides a good coverage without looking cakey. It is buildable by dabbing on those areas that you need it more. It is also great for my morning routine when I need to get out the door for work. It takes less time than applying a full liquid foundation. Loving this right now.

Overall: quick, good coverage, not cakey

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2

Featured in my June 2015 favourites

I personally love it for everyday wear at work. At first I was worried that it wouldn’t be versatile enough but I find it either compliments other palettes, easy to create a look with a cream shadow as a base (my fav way to use it), or by itself for nice simple looks. It’s a winner for me.


2 thoughts on “Nat’s 2015 Top 10 – Reviewing The Best From Monthly Favourites

  1. Oh yeah, I’m ALL about the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser! I’ve been using this for years and I don’t see myself straying any time soon! I agree, the best thing about it is that it doesn’t crease!
    I wanted to redeem Optimum Points for the Clinique Heather Pop blush but they didn’t carry it! I have 2 of the colours from the original colours (Ginger – in fact, I’m wearing it today! and Berry) – I love them.
    The Julep Lipgloss looks really lovely – I prefer glosses with some colour too.


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