Delizioso Skin Care – A Canadian Boutique Brand


Delizioso Skin Care is a Canadian Boutique brand from London Ontario. It’s helmed by 2 sisters and can be found at Terra20. I ran in to the sisters at Terra20 earlier this fall while I was shopping. I thought they were so sweet (and their Mom was there too!) so I picked up somethings to try. I didn’t tell them I wrote a blog and I paid for these products myself. Here’s a quick overview of the brand based on my very limited experience with them.

As I mentioned, Delizioso Skin Case is a local brand. You can find them at Terra20 or via their website:

They focus on creating cosmetics that are supposed to be healthy for you and not contain anything that is considered toxic. Their Mom is a chemist and she helps them create their formulas however the girls, Leeona and Ariel, design, market, and package all of their products themselves.

I scoped out their eyeshadow and took free samples of a cream blush and lip balm.

The cream blush:

I found the blush to be insanely pigmented but not the right colour for me at all. Hence no pictures of me I the blush! It’s the kind of red that really brings out my redness so I wasn’t able to test it out much. As you can see from the swatch above, where I blended it out on my hand, it looks super pigmented so I’d be willing to purchase a different shade to give it a shot!

The lip balm:


They call it “Bees Line” and they market it as an everything solution. Use it on your lips, dry skin patches or where ever! I just use it from time to time on my lips. It’s pretty much pure beeswax and so on one hand it’s nice but it isn’t as rich as a true balm. I wouldn’t go crazy for this product. It didn’t seem to do much. I did try it out on my dry patches on my face but I didn’t feel that it did anything. Unfortunately, this one is a pass for me!

The eyeshadow (mulberry): 

I was able to play more with the eyeshadow. I picked up a single on sale for $14. I swatched a bunch at the store and was really impressed. They are highly pigmented and smooth. They contain coconut which my skin LOVES! I only grabbed 1 because I didn’t have a lot of money to buy more. They also sell palettes that near $50 price tags.

The pigmentation is rich and the texture is luxurious. These singles are truly fantastic and represent a lot of potential for this company!

I enjoy wearing the shade Mulberry as a 1 shadow look however I also started dabbing it in the middle of my eye lid when I do a matte look to add a bit of something extra to it. It transfers a little when I do that but I find that it adds such a nice dimension to an otherwise plain look that I keep doing it 🙂


At full price I find this brand to be kind of expensive however they are a small start up and offer some unique products. If you check out their full line on their website you will see that they have TONS to offer! My 1st impression is positive enough that I’d be willing to try out more products. I’m really interested in their lip scrub but sadly it’s always sold out when I go to buy it!

I’d recommend giving this brand a try if you are in to natural makeup and skin care. It certainly has loads of potential and I intend on trying out more products from them in 2016.



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