In November I posted a drugstore haul. I thought I’d update on a few of the items that I picked up that I don’t intend on writing full reviews for. Just so people could get a sense of how things worked out… the good and the bad… that kind of thing. I’ve noticed some youtubers that I enjoy such as RachhLoves do updates on hauls and I really appreciate watching them! So here’s my first attempt 🙂


Unfortunately I did react to this cleanser. In my original post I mentioned that once I got it home I noticed it contained perfume. I tried it out anyway and it basically stripped my skin of any natural oils to the point of severe dryness and redness. *Tip: if you fight dry skin your cleanser might actually be the culprit, go for cleanser that don’t contain perfume, alcohol and sulfates.* I am giving this one away to some one who has a greater tolerance to perfume than I do. On the plus side it did have lovely moisturizing ingredients and smells like roses. It just doesn’t work with my skin type.


These brushes made my faves last month and continue to be a favourite! I bought another one recently… I’m an ELF brush junky!


The ELF HD Lifting Concealer has some serious potential! It was $4. I bought it to be a better match for my skin tone since lately I am needing concealer on other partsof my face, not just my dark circles. Currently I use NARS for the dark circles but the shade “honey” is not intended to match my skin so much as cancel the blueness under my eyes.

The ELF concealer seems to last all day and dries down nicely. It’s still a bit too dark for the rest of my face though so I think I will look for a lighter shade. I currently own the shade light so I’m hoping that they have a fair. If so, I might actually end up liking this product!

I picked up a new ELF blush in the shade Mellow Mauve. It’s likely the biggest let down of the haul. I found that the colour is pretty but I really need to work to get it to show up!

In the pics above I took 2 swatches. the one closest to my knuckle is a single swatch, the second (the one you actually can see) is me building it up by swatching over it a couple times. I struggled with it showing up on my cheeks too. I am really disappointed because I thought this would be a perfect fall/winter every day neutral colour.

The ELF Prism palette looks so pretty! I love gold 🙂 I can’t get enough of it! I’ve used the palette twice and so far I find that it swatches more pigmented than it does when using it on the eyes. I think this is because it is baked and has a dry texture. I’m thinking of investing in Mac Fix + or the ELF version of it so I’d like to try this product out again when I do to see if it makes a difference. I thought that these would be highly metallic and pigmented, like a foiled shadow, but they just aren’t. For $8 it was an ok purchase but so far there’s nothing special to say about this palette.

Last but not least, my Dollarama gems! The jury is still out on the daily serum by Live Clean but it is with a heavy heart that I report to you that the eye cream gave me dry skin around my eyes. It was a complete fail. I used it for 2 weeks and I got dry patches right under my eye. To see if it was the eye cream I stopped using it and as soon as I did they started to heal. I would caution anyone to stay clear of this product!

So that’s my updates on my haul! I hope it was helpful. I don’t intend on doing full reviews of any of these products but I thought it’d be good to at least let everyone know how they worked out for me.




One thought on “Haul UPDATE

  1. This is definitely helpful to read how these products worked out for you. I had my eye on that Elf blush – too bad it’s so disappointing! I’ve read lots of raves about it… so puzzling. I wonder if maybe there’s a harder top layer that you need to wipe off or work through?


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