Products I Regret Buying – High End & Drugstore


Here’s a few things that I’ve come across lately that really just didn’t work for me. I hope this is helpful for others! I know I like to hear about the bad as well as the good. I’m certainly not trying to bash the brands however even good brands get it wrong sometimes!

Gosh Mineral Waterproof Eyeshadow


This eyeshadow is a cream stick shadow from Gosh that is about $15.99 at Shoppers Drugmart. It’s not cheap but it’s not as expensive as other high-end brands. Still, Gosh is a pretty solid makeup brand so I was expecting something half decent. I was excited that it claimed to be waterproof since I have a tough time getting cream products to work on my lids.


The shade I got is 002 Golden Brown. It’s gorgeous! It swatches so smoothly. It has an amazing silky texture that drew me in at the store.

Unfortunately it does not live up to any of its claims. This product simply does not set. Within minutes of using it creased. I have only tried it twice before I wrote it off. Here are some pics of swatches to demonstrate what I mean:

After waiting 5 minutes, I swiped my finger across and it completely smudged away.

Lise Watier Ombre Velour Supreme in Peche Velours


Can you notice a pattern here? I really want to find a nice cream shadow option for me because I’d like to skip primer & eyeshadow some days. I want a quick, easy to apply, 1 step eye solution. Something a tad nicer then just concealer. Sadly, no such luck!

This cream shadow is gorgeous! It has a smooth texture and dries matte. It also actually does set. Unfortunately for me it creases when I use it on its own, with shadow over top or on top of primer. It’s bizarre! It just doesn’t want to work for me. It might work for someone who has no issues at all with cream shadows but sadly, not me 😦

I was also hoping that the peach would build up better on my lid. I had this vision of a fresh faced easy look that I was hoping to achieve with this shadow. It was not meant to be! It was an expensive experiment on my end since Lise Watier cream shadows are $25 a pop! Ouch!

*Note: The colour is the same as my flesh tone so I was not able to capture pictures that showed anything meaningful. Sorry about that!

Laura Mercier Artists Palette For Eyes & Cheeks


It’s not that I regret this so much as it was a let down. I’m still going to play with it but I wanted to toss it out there and see what other folks think too.

I picked up this palette from the sale section at Sephora online. I think I paid around $30 for it which felt like a steal since Laura Mercier palettes are about $70!! In the end I’m glad that I only paid the clearance price tag because if I paid the full price for this I’d be mad!

The Shadows are very nice. They are on par with many other excellent brands. None of the shades provided are particularly unique but it is a nicely balanced palette in terms of colour selection.

Swatches of everything in the palette. I have to admit that the mattes are quite nice.

The blush is where it really falls down. It’s at best a rose gold highlighter, not a blush. It lacks pigmentation and is highly reflective. I tried it out and it’s nice for a barely there look but if you want an actual blush you will need to use a different one.

The blush swatches ok but it doesn’t really show up on the cheeks 😦

In fairness, I have started to use the blush as a bit of a golden highlight and it works. It just doesn’t really work as a blush and so it isn’t that all-in-1 travel palette that I was hoping for.

If I saw online another Laura Mercier palette at full price that had blush and shadows, I’d definitely see it in the store first! Even though this brand is more expensive than other top end brands, it doesn’t seem to warrant the price tag in terms of quality or being on the height of a trend. When I look at this palette I actually think that Tarte has similar offerings for significantly less PLUS their blushes are amazing!

So basically, I was really let down by a brand that is super hyped! Oh well. Now I know…

What do you guys think of Laura Mercier? Did anyone have a similar experience?


4 thoughts on “Products I Regret Buying – High End & Drugstore

  1. Too bad about the Lise Watier Ombre Velour Supreme! I tested them in the store and they did seem a little too slippery feeling – that’s how I know if something may crease on me.
    Have you tried MAC Paint Pots? I swear by them!
    I typically find holiday limited edition palettes to be a bit of a let down – I usually stay clear of them. Usually it’s a money grab and of inferior quality to the regular core line!


    1. I haven’t bought MAC paint pots yet 😦 I think a MAC haul is in my near future. It was the first high end make up brand that I used to use and once I started expanding my makeup horizons I kept overlooking them… It’s a makeup sin on my part lol! What colour do you recommend?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Finally got around to reading your post! Sorry it took me a few days, I blame the holidays… Groundwork looks really nice. You take great swatches 🙂 I need to dabble more in to Mac. Consider that a 2016 Beauty Resolution!


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