Drugstore Holiday Set Review – Marcelle Cocktail Hour Beauty Kit


Marcelle has tons of great kits at the drugstore but they’re mainly skincare. Recently I found this gem at Rexall for $10.49! I snapped up 1 for me, and one for a gift 🙂 Here’s a quick run down on my feels for this lovely and affordable gift.

The price couldn’t be better! One of the Marcelle eyeshadow quads retail for $16 each so not only do you get a discount off the price of a quad but you get a pencil sharpener, eyeliner and cute little clutch for free! The back of the box contains a very straight forward user guide to create a nice, nude look.


The clutch:

The eyeliner & sharpener:

I haven’t played with the liner yet. I’m not sure how I feel about it but it is nice to basically get it for free just so I can try it out! I doubt that I will use the clutch accept possibly for the odd outfit. It doesn’t fit much beyond ID but it does fit all of the products in the kit rather nicely!

The eyeshadow quad (nude):

When I swatched it I felt really let down. I was hoping for so much more from Marcelle! I’d never dabbled much in to their eyeshadows because I find $16 to be expensive for a drugstore brand. I can think of so many other great drugstore brands that sell quads for less than $10… given that Marcelle is Canadian trying their shadows have been on my to-do list so it was nice to be able to strike that one off the list.

I was even more surprised when I went to use the shadows. I found the performance on the lids to be far better than they come off in swatches. They’re still a little sheer but each shadow does the job that it was intended to do. In spite of my initial let down, I found myself enjoying this little quad and have used it about 4 times since I purchased the kit!


The pictures above aren’t super great in quality, sorry about that! I hope they show a nice, nude, daytime look. I think that is what this kit is trying to achieve and it actually does pull it off! The shadows last all day (with primer) and over all I was happy. Does this compare to Urban Decay? No. But it’s not priced to compete with something of that caliber.


If you have a bunch of nude eyeshadows, you don’t need this. There’s nothing new here. If you’re curious about Marcelle the price point does let you try a quad and an eyeliner from them at a very affordable price! It also would make a nice gift or sticking stuffer for someone who enjoys subtle makeup but doesn’t have a ton already.

One thought on “Drugstore Holiday Set Review – Marcelle Cocktail Hour Beauty Kit

  1. I own a few Marcelle single eye shadows and they’re really nice. I always think that palettes are inferior quality compared to singles. Glad these perform better on the eyes than in the swatches.


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