Where To Shop: Nail Polish Canada


I haven’t written about where to shop in Canada in quite some time. Before I get in to it I just wanted to mention that we here at 3 Canadian Beauties don’t write about where to shop for commissions or anything sinister. We’re simply only trying to talk about our experiences shopping at certain places because Canada doesn’t have all the stores that the US does. Some times finding certain items or brands is a little hard here so you have to take a risk and try out a new store online. So I personally like to share where I managed to hunt something down and what it was like because I would find it useful to know! And with that, on to our post… Nail Polish Canada and my hunt for the elusive Z Palette!

I want to get more Z Palettes. I have a few ideas as to how they can help make my beauty existence even better! The last time I bought a Z Palette I got a small one off of Amazon.ca. It was great, affordable and the experience was true to Amazon standards. Unfortunately this time when I went to go look for more I couldn’t find the size that I wanted at a reasonable price.

Seriously Amazon???

Now it’s possible that after I post this Amazon will suddenly get the Z Palette that I wanted in stock. Amazon has a tendency to work that way. At the time when I placed my order I was offered a selection like the above. Even the small ones were sold out 😦 So I took to the internet and searched for another store that carries Z Palettes.

There aren’t many options. Sephora shows some on their website but they aren’t in stock and FTBbeauty has some as well. It’s on my list to order from FTBbeauty at some point however this time I opted for Nail Polish Canada.


Nail Polish Canada can be found online at www.nailpolishcanada.com. They offer a huge selection of… you guessed it! Nail Polish!!! Fortunately, since they sell nail polish their free shipping threshold is quite low at $25 as opposed to FTBbeauty’s threshold which is about $50. I’m not knockin’ FTBbeauty. They’re totally on my radar to try out because they sell Sigma brushes, Z Palettes and a few brands such as BH Cosmetics, Coastal Scents, LA Girl etc that are a little less easy to come by. For this purchase I really just wanted the Z Palette. That’s it. Nail Polish Canada offered an extra large one for $33 plus tax. In the US, extra large Z Palettes are $28USD so $33 CDN makes sense to me so I ordered it.

I placed my order on November 9th and immediately received confirmation of my order. I paid with Paypal since I’m trying to use cash more and give my poor VISA a break… the next day I received shipping confirmation. They ship through Canada Post and provide a tracking code! I love it when retailers do that because it make you feel more assured if they give a tracking code rather than just drop it in the mail.

When I got home from work on Nov. 13th, I had a package waiting for me 🙂 I placed the order on a Monday, and I received it by the Friday! Pretty darn good!

This is what it came in:


I thought it was funny that the Z Palette was placed at the bottom of this box, naked against the card board yet about 5 inches of foam was laid on top! Regardless, it arrived in good repair so I’m not complaining.

It also included a few free samples!


The Z Palette in all it’s glory!!!


Over all I’m really happy with my experience shopping at Nail Polish Canada. My product was reasonably priced, shipping was free and easy, and payment options were flexible. They also appear to regularly stock Z Palettes so they might end up being my Z Palette source since Amazon is proving to be unreliable.

I hope this helps another fellow canuck!





7 thoughts on “Where To Shop: Nail Polish Canada

  1. They also have the balm cosmetics! You should also try feelunique they have borjois and other brands for a cheaper price than you would find them in canada and you get free hipping for orders more than 15 pounds I think (which is pretty cool since shipping to canada is always insane)


    1. Agreed on the unnecessary high cost of shipping within Canada! I didn’t notice that they have bourjois and that it’s cheaper!!! That’s awesome! I scoped out their sigma brush collection and so far, I find it to be the best price I can find in Canada. I’m very excited about that because I don’t own any sigma brushes.


  2. I love Nail Polish Canada and am so happy they’ve expanded their line to include non-nail polish items! I’ve been shopping for them for years and I can’t wait to place an order in the new year… my wish list grows longer every day. 😛 Enjoy your new z-palette! I have a few small ones and a couple of large ones. I need to do more depotting…


      1. They don’t typically offer site wide sales – there’s only their sales section. But they have lowered their free shipping or offered free shipping no minimum before – there might possibly be something for Boxing week.

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