Drugstore Holiday Set Review – NYX Butt “Naked” Turn The Other Cheek


You know when you’re having an emotional day and the only thing you can do is fill that void with more makeup? Yeah that feeling. That’s how I ended up with this palette. I was having a bit of an emotional day (for no particular reason) and I happened to walk in to a Shoppers for something else and ended up buying this because I NEEDED points. I HAD to have a travel palette since I was going to Montreal in a few hours. It was absolutely necessary. And so, armed with a cache of flimsy reasoning I paid $29.99 for this. I did take it with me to Montreal and only this palette. Did I regret it?

The NYX Butt “Naked” Turn The Other Cheek has pretty much everything you need to travel minus mascara, foundation and eyebrow products. Oh and lips. Ok so it really has a portion of what you need to travel! But no travel kit has it all so it’s nice when they cut out and condense some of the bigger items. This kit contains 15 neutral eyeshadows, 4 blushes, and 3 highlighters.

The Packaging


All the products are contained in a compact black plastic case with a very large mirror. It also includes 2 double ended sponge tip applicators.


The face products slide out from underneath the shadows, like a little drawer.

Over all I don’t care for the packaging. It feels a little flimsy because it rattles and the black plastic is prone to scratches and finger prints. I definitely did appreciate the large mirror included and made plenty of use of it in my hotel room in Montreal!

The Eyeshadows


The eyeshadows are very cool and neutral. There is a great assortment of textures. I counted about 7 matte-ish and 8 that are satiny-glittery. The majority of them have a really lovely texture. I was actually impressed with the feel of the matte shadows since Drugstore mattes tend to be a far cry from the high-end matte shadows. There were a few chunky shadows including the rose gold in the top corner. I was able to make it all work however the glitter tended to fall a little. I’d say that over all the shadows are good but not great.

They don’t have the best pigmentation in swatches:

Top row
Middle row
Bottom row

On the lids they worked out fine for a neutral look but I wouldn’t recommend trying a smokey eye with this kit!

The Blush & Highlighters


Hidden under the shadows is an assortment of blush and highlighters. Right off the bat I had regrets about only bringing this palette because all of the highlighters and 2 of the blushes contain glitter. None the less, I carried on.


Ironically the pigmentation in swatches works better than the shadows yet the performance on the face is less than the shadows. I tried the pale pink shade and it hardly lasted the day HOWEVER my foundation stayed put! I found that I didn’t really notice a difference with the highlighters. Partially because glitter from the eyeshadows was on my face and partially because they swatch nicely but don’t seem to do a while lot.


If you can’t tell already, I’m not in love. After I got home from my weekend away I continued to use this palette but tried it out with different brushes and primers. A tackier primer such as Urban Decays Primer Potion helped with some of the fallout (I was using a concealer style one from Julep). A fluffier brush helped with the blush. I still can’t decide how I feel about the highlighters… Anyway. I don’t feel like I should work this hard to make the kit usable. Especially if I want to use it while traveling! For that reason I have to say if you want a travel set, save a little more and buy something from Sephora. If this set goes down to 50% off in the New Year it might be more worth it for someone who loves a more sheer eye makeup look. And it might be nice for a tween just getting in to makeup. But I personally regret buying it. Sorry NYX 😦


PS does anyone know of a decent travel makeup set from the Drugstore!? Just curious. I can’t find a half decent one.

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