Gift Guide for Your GUY!


Whether he’s your main squeeze or a family member, even your stereotypical guys guy enjoys a little pampering from time to time. My husband isn’t afraid of beauty products (although he isn’t a fan of the use of the word beauty) and is interested in some skin care products because he has some skin issues. I’ve finally convinced him that he doesn’t have to suffer, he can just spend a few bucks on a cream! Anyway, I digress… Here’s a round up of the things that I’ve bought for my hubby recently that he really enjoys! Hopefully it will give someone else an idea or two for this holiday season 🙂

Burt’s Bees Gift Set – $5.98


This was stocking stuffer last year and he has used it all up. I might buy it for him again. He likes it because he gets chapped lips and dry hands in the winter. The lip balm is made of beeswax, which he loves, but is basically unscented. The hand salve doesn’t carry much of a scent either and is discrete for him to keep at his desk at work. Basically, it’s practical, does what he needs it to do, and doesn’t smell too much. It’d be great for the guy who complains of basic winter ailments like chapped lips and dry knuckles but has a stupid notion of masculinity so is afraid of anything deemed girly. I’d consider this gateway beauty products for dudes 😉

FAB Ultra Repair Cream – $15 +


The packaging is discreet and more gender neutral. The cream itself is superior quality! My husband has eczema and other skin issues on his face that flare up when his skin is irritated. He used to use an over the counter cream that is quite harsh to treat the eczema and hand cream on his face. No joke. HAND CREAM ON HIS FACE! One day I pointed out to him that the alcohol and perfume in hand cream might actually be causing the eczema and so if he moisturized with something that didn’t irritate him he might not need to always use that harsh cream from the pharmacy. He eventually saw the logic and I bought him some better quality cream, the FAB Ultra Repair Cream. After using it up and then trying out a few other “for men” brands he actually went so far as to ask me to buy the FAB cream again! Now we share it and I’m happy to get more points at Sephora 🙂

Specialty Shaving Creams – various prices


I picked up these little shave creams and aftershaves at Crabtree & Evelyn on clearance for $3 each! As you can see, they’re well loved and almost gone! I suspect that they might be all gone now in stores but the point is that places like Crabtree & Evelyn and The Body Shop make really nice shave creams/after shaves for guys now that are affordable! Sure, you could go to Sephora and pick out one for near $100 but if you aren’t sure if the guy you have in mind for this will use it, check out the more affordable stores first. The masculine scents offered at The Body Shop and Crabtree & Evelyn are more woody/herbal scented and my husband tends to gravitate towards them. He really loves it plus it’s a gateway to this…

Shave Set – various


Since my husband has some skin sensitivities he decided that he needed to find a more gentle shave routine. He invested in the above shave set himself but had I known how much he would love it I’d have bought him a super fancy one! It makes a great gift. It’s nice and luxurious for men. My husband tells me that it feels nice to take a grooming chore that he dislikes and turn in to a relaxing ritual. He ordered his online for about $60. If your guy doesn’t have one of these, consider buying him one! It’s a gentler shave on his skin plus it’s WAY cheaper in the long run! Once you buy the set, all you need is the razors to insert in to it. A box of 100 razors is about $10-15. Of course you get a couple uses out of 1 razor so a box tends to last 6 months – 1 year, depending on how often he shaves. He loves his razor and I’m so impressed with it that I’ve asked him for one for me! Can you imagine not having to spend $30 on razors??? Awww what a dream that would be!

Shave Cream Bowl – $30 (various)


If he does invest in a shave set (or you get him one) that means you can also pick him up a nice shaving cream bowl. Some shave creams come in soap form and you lather them up in a bowl. Not all, the ones I mentioned above don’t, but many do. It’s a never ending possibilities of stocking stuffers, Christmas gifts, and subtle hints 😉 It’s an unnecessary accessory to the shave set but a definite nice to have! My husband’s a fan.

Artisan Soap – various


A lot of handmade soap are made with earthier scents. They tend to use natural ingredients and skip the perfumes. The above is an assortment of soaps that my husband picked out himself at Terra20. They’re eco-friendly, cruelty-free and gentle on his skin. They’re also not too expensive and could be a great stocking stuffer idea!?

And that’s it! I’m working on his hair care routine… lol! One day I will get him in to better hair care products but that’s a fight that can wait. I’m happy to be able to get him on to better skin care. Hopefully his preferences might inspire you if you’re stumped on what to get a man in your life this holiday season.


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