The $10 Weekly – Goodbye to The $10 Weekly!!


It’s time to say Goodbye! Goodbye to The $10 Weekly! It’s been an adventure writing this column. When I started it, the idea was to take $10 a week and see how far I could stretch it – then tell the world about my hidden gems or massive duds 🙂 As the year comes to a close I feel that it’s time to make some changes and one of those changes is to freshen up my writing!

After doing it for about a year I decided it was time to try some thing new! Towards the last few months I was having a hard time finding stuff that was new or that I wanted to try. I started to feel like I was buying things for the sake of the column and not because my heart was in to it. Plus my makeup collection began to take over my bathroom. I was ok with this however my husband was not… So for the sake of my bathroom (and my marriage!) I decided to de-clutter and rethink my approach.

Some times I feel like if I want to participate in the beauty community then I need to spend hundreds of dollars a month, have a beauty room and be super trendy. The reality is that I don’t have that kind of money, nor would I want to spend it all at Sephora if I did, I don’t have a beauty room or even 2 bathrooms (just one lonely bathroom), and I’m not all that trendy. What can I say? I’m just me.

Don’t get me wrong. I totally drool over the insanely awesome collections of beauty bloggers and youtubers! I actually love watching Beauty Room Tours! I totally appreciate how some people are collectors, I even know one or two 😉 It’s just that doesn’t exactly fit me and I’m trying to write a little bit more about the things that are important to me. So what do I want to write more about???


Canadian Products/Companies

I love the idea of buying local. I love the small niche companies that I see pop up in boutiques and farmers markets. They tend to be more expensive but they also tend to align with my values AND who doesn’t want to support their own community? I feel passionate about supporting Canadian Beauty companies beyond the major brands at drugstores and I can’t wait to write about some of the gems that I’ve found!!


Making the most of my collection

These past few months I’ve really been focusing on getting rid of unloved makeup and using more of what I have. The whole experience was really FUN! I coveted all the new stuff that was coming out but I felt a little less like I was missing out because for the first time in a long time I got a chance to play with things that I loved! It really taught me that I need to keep up the effort to rotate through my makeup regularly and find ways to use things that I haven’t touched in a while. I will be focusing on coming up with fun ways to do this.. and I already have some ideas that I’m so excited to write about! This is a topic that is best done with friends and a community so I’m really looking forward to writing about the things that I have in store for making the most of my beauty collection 🙂


Eco-Friendly and Alternative Brands

This is a topic I’ve touched on but I’ve always been scared to talk about too much. I do not want to write an explicit cruelty-free or eco-friendly blog. My personal values have shifted towards eco-friendly and cruelty-free products so I’d love to write more about the experience of taking a pragmatic approach to a shift in one’s core values and how that fits in with my love affair with beauty products. I’ve always been scared to write on this topic because I don’t want others to feel judged and I don’t want to open myself up to the criticism of not being eco-friendly enough, cruelty-free enough or if I happen to just get something wrong. I’m not judging anyone for their personal choices. It’s an individual preference. This happens to be something that I care about so I’d like to write about.

And of course I still LOVE budget friendly makeup! SO even though the $10 Weekly is gone I will still be writing plenty of reviews many of which will be budget friendly options because lets’ face it… I’m all about the deal. I’m never going to let that go. I would like to shed the restriction of $10 and focus more on budget friendly because it’s becoming increasingly harder to find new things for less than $10 that I actually am interested in trying.

Thank you all for reading and I hope that you will continue to check out what I have to say here at 3 Canadian Beauties!


One thought on “The $10 Weekly – Goodbye to The $10 Weekly!!

  1. Gotta do what your heart loves. I totally agree with supporting Canadian brands! I do that first and foremost if I can. I love Etsy too, and always select Canadian sellers.Especially with the state of our economy right now, it’s imperative to buy within our borders!

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