Sheena’s November 2015 Favourites



Taking in some Christmas lights while walking around St. Catherine’s St in Montreal. Google awesomed this pic for me.


I love Christmas 🙂 I’m so happy December is here and I can go all Christmas Crazy without judgement! My personal highlight for November was hanging out in Montreal with my husband. There’s nothing like a weekend away to spark some romance ❤ As for my makeup faves… well once again my new makeup rotation has allowed for me to use some products enough to LOVE them! Or fall back in love with them… Anyway, here’s my loves from November!

My new ELF brushes!!!!


Light, fluffy and the right density… these super budget brushes have been a joy to use this month. I love the mineral powder brush because it fits perfectly in the jar of my mineral foundation. The face brush has been awesome for setting my face (if I do so). LOVE these guys and they’re only $4!!!!!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation


I used to love this foundation then I stopped using it around the summer time. My project pan has pushed me in to using this again. In fact, I’m trying to use it all up! Once I started using it again I remembered why I absolutely loved it in the first place; it’s not only a great quality long lasting foundation but it’s a perfect colour match for me. It really neutralizes the redness in my skin.

Annabelle CC Instant Perfecting Base


Once again I owe my project pan to re-discovering this gem. It’s about $17 at the drugstore, a little pricey for Drugstore primers but still much cheaper than Sephora. I like how it smooths out my skin and pores creating a base to blend in my makeup. I like matching this with powders and liquid concealers. I use this primer with me Tarte foundation. It’s a great pair and I’m really happy that I’m half way through.

That’s it for my favourites for this month. I know it seems thin but I’ve tried out a few new things too. I recently bought the Tartlette palette which I can say that so far, I’m really happy with my purchase! I haven’t used it enough (just once) to honestly call it a monthly “favourite.” Maybe for December! Who knows!?

Things I’ve mentioned many times that I’m still loving and using regularly; NARS Creamy Concealer, Real Techniques Setting Brush, BareMinerals Under Eye Brughtener & Gosh Defining Brow Gel.


3 thoughts on “Sheena’s November 2015 Favourites

    1. I didn’t order from ELF directly. I’ve been considering it but I read bad reviews on their shipping. Some people complained that their packages were packaged poorly for the climate… I ordered my ELF stuff from they have a reasonable size offering but not even close to the entire collect. Keep me posted on how your ELF order goes! I really want to order more from them! I think they might be my fave budget brand.


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