The $10 Weekly – Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow Singles


I bought two of these beauties because I saw YouTuber Tati Westbrooke talk about the shade “Hello Goldie!” I grabbed that shade as well as a pretty purple shade “Are You Grey?”

The first thing to note is that there’s an over spray of glitter on all the shades. There is also glitter throughout the shadows themselves. Some people really don’t like that kind of thing so I wanted to mention it. I personally get annoyed with over sprays.

Hello Goldie!


Are You Grey?


Some swatch business…


The texture of the shadows are buttery, almost crumbly. The crumbly-ness is due to the fact that they contain glitter so there is some fall out to contend with. There were no show stoppers for me though. I managed to tap of the access and clean up any residual fall out with out any major issues.

With a primer they lasted the day however some glitter managed to find it’s way on the top of my cheeks.

Now what I really wanted to talk about with this post was the shade “Hello Goldie!” Tati mentioned it as a great drugstore champagne colour option in one of her videos. When I saw that I had to double check against a few that I had in my collection.


Above we have Stila Kitten, Essence Hello Goldie and Burberry Shell. This comparison really surprised me! I love my Burberry shadow yet it isn’t as vibrant as the Essence shadow which is a tenth (literally) of the price!

I played around with “Hello Goldie!” As a highlight and felt that it did a really good job. I’m pleasantly surprised with me $3 drugstore purchase 🙂

Over all I’d have to say that these shadows are surprisingly really nice. The champagne colour in Hello Goldie in particular.



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