Stila Trust In Love Giftable Set – A Review


It seems like everywhere I turn everyone is talking about the Too Faced Christmas Sets. I have a confession. I’ve never been very impressed with them. I see them getting mixed reviews online and when I swatched them in store I never fell in love enough (despite really really wanting to fall in love) to justify buying one. I say this because it makes me scratch my head a little and wonder why do I constantly hear about Too Faced despite the mixed reviews yet I hardly hear about the Stila Christmas collection? I picked up this palette for $59 at Shoppers because when I swatched it, I fell in love! After using it for 3-4 weeks now I’m ready to give it a full review and *spoiler alert* I’m also ready to call it the unsung hero of 2015 Christmas sets!

The Gift Set: You can pick this set up for $59 at Shoppers Drugmart. It includes; 12 gorgeous eyeshadows, 1 Deluxe Size Lip Glaze in Apricot and 1 Deluxe Size HUGE™ Extreme Lash Mascara.

It comes in a gold box that matches the set’s packaging. It’s so pretty that you could just stick a bow on it and give it like that 🙂 A great lazy man’s gift!


The set (or palette) itself mimics a love letter. It has gold packaging and a golden seal reminiscent of a more romantic time.


It unfolds to reveal the contents within; 12 shadows, a lip gloss and a mascara.


The Eyeshadows: As mentioned, there are 12 eyeshadows in this set. 12 AMAZING shadows!!

  • Warm Silver
  • Fog
  • Nude Shimmer
  • Clay
  • Golden Topaz
  • Plum
  • Black Pearl
  • Stone
  • Sapphire
  • Metallic Bronze
  • Snowflake
  • Light Pink

They each have a beautiful, buttery texture and are highly pigmented. The blend so smoothly on the lids. They’re just a joy to use. My favourite thing about the palette is the colour selection.


As you can likely tell, it’s a very gold themed palette but it has 2 very gorgeous pops of colour, plum (a purple shade) and sapphire (a blue shade). The pops of colour are vibrant and oh so wearable! I just love that they threw that in there!

When I use this palette I can’t help but think of my beloved In the Light palette by Stila. I’m a huge fan of the In the Light palette. The Trust in Love Gift Set almost feels like an updated version of the In the Light palette! I enjoy that there’s no shade overlap between the two and that the Trust in Love Gift Set has the 2 extra pops of colour.


Stila has also seemed to up their formula game. The shade “Nude Shimmer” could be compared to “Kitten” however I find it to be creamier and slightly richer in pigmentation than “Kitten.”

Top: Nude Shimmer Bottom: Kitten

Some of the shades in the In the Light palette were a little dry but none of the shades in this palette suffer from that problem. In fact, they er on too buttery. 2 shades within this palette are a little chunky and thus have fallout. The fallout was hardly an issue for me and personally, I’d prefer a little fallout (hello Kat Von D!) vs too dry.

The Lip Glaze: I think you either love these or you don’t. The lip glazes are a staple lip product from Stila. They’re intended to be a refreshing, long-lasting lip gloss that has a hint of colour. The Trust in Love Gift Set contains the colour “Apricot.” Personally, I’m not a fan of these. They don’t last long on me and I dislike the applicator/click pen packaging. I found the shade included here did very little for my lips.


The HUGE™ Extreme Lash Mascara: I have to admit that overall I really am enjoying this mascara. It builds up naturally and nicely. It does add length and a little volume too!



I’ve had several compliments while wearing this mascara (actually while wearing the products in this kit…). Receiving compliments is a huge bonus in my books 🙂 The mascara definitely does what it claims however it runs like crazy on my bottom lash and it will also run if it’s damp out. I have to be choosy regarding when I wear. If it came in waterproof, I’d consider buying it!

Overall: If you can’t tell already, generally speaking I’m really happy with my purchase. I don’t care for the Lip Glazes but I know many people are big fans. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say about it. I think it would make a great gift for someone who loves nudes/neutrals or someone who loves the Stila In the Light palette. It’s priced a little hefty at $59 but most Stila palettes run for $60 so you basically get 2 other products for free!

The Trust in Love Gift Set is the big sister to the In the Light palette and everything that the “Eyes are the Window” series of palettes wish they could be.




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