Sheena’s Project Pan UPDATE


You might remember that I started my own version of a project pan a few weeks back. You can check it out here. This post is a bit of an update on my progress and my thoughts on the whole thing. It’s been an adventure 🙂

As a super quick refresher… I decided that I wanted to use more of my makeup up before I went crazy with all the Christmas sets. I had set aside a few products that I wanted to finish completely and set some rules for myself to rotate through things such as blush and eyeshadow giving myself some more time to play with what I already own.

What I’ve used up


I have managed to get to the point with my Sonia Kashuk Concealer Quad that is kind of gross. The loved portions of it are dirty, I’ve hit major pan on the lightest concealer and used up pretty much all of the setting powder. It’s time to say good bye and move on to other items in my collection!

My NARS tinted moisturizer is spitting when I go to use it. I have to shake it up really good to get the remaining product out. It will be in the garbage any day now.

Sadly, my Physicians Formula BB Cream is either not as awesome as I remember (if that’s true I blame NARS for ruining all other products like the tinted moisturizer for me) or it’s spoiled. It separates and doesn’t seem to want to blend anymore. I think it’s nearing a year old so I decided to just let this one go. For what it’s worth, I won’t repurchase it.

What I got to get reacquainted with


Excuse the fuzzy picture. It was really hard to show everything! Like an idiot I forgot to keep notes on the products that I used and when so from memory I pulled them all out and displayed them here 🙂

Eyeshadows: Kat Von D True Romance Palette in Saint, Too Faced Chocolate Bar, Lorac Unzipped, and 4 of my Julep Duos.

Some quick thoughts on the shadows… I really love my Julep duos. I wish their palettes were of the same caliber but they’re just not. It was no surprise to me that I really enjoyed using them but what did surprise me is how much I loved using my Lorac Unzipped! I forgot how nice that palette looks. I find that when I swatch them the shadows are dry so often I skip over it but when I use that palette the shadows perform amazingly on my eye! Isn’t that what really matters? I loved it when I bought it, I forgot why I loved it because it swatches kind of meh, then I forced myself to use it again and remembered what was so special about it.

Blushes: Annabelle Blush, Wet’n’Wild Trio, Julep Pore Minimizer Blush, Julep Skip the brush.

Another little quick comment on the blushes… none of them ended up being forgotten loves. The Julep Pore Minimizer blush came in one of my Julep boxes in October. I managed to really enjoy that blush and it made it’s way in to my monthly faves for October! I ended up sticking with it a little longer to continue testing it and well, just using that as an excuse to keep using it 🙂

What next?

The whole purpose of this adventure is to feel like I am getting to really use the makeup that I have in my collection. I have quite a bit and I’m starting to lament that I never really got to fall head over heals in love with certain things because I was only able to use them for about a week or 2 before the next shiny thing came in to my life! Not only am I having fun with getting to know my current collection, I’m also starting to feeling like I haven’t wasted my money on so much makeup that I never use. I’m actually getting around to it! I’ve decided to keep going!

Stay tuned for more updates and news from me! And if anyone else has undertaken a similar project link me your posts on it below or make a comment below. I’d love to hear about it!



2 thoughts on “Sheena’s Project Pan UPDATE

  1. Yup, the bane of every makeup lover’s existence hehe. I feel ya! I totally forget about older stuff I’ve purchased, and I’ll see it randomly one and be like oh ya, I love that one! I try hard to keep my makeup clutter to a minimum, and use what I have. I don’t always succeed, but I hate wasting money too. I have so much great makeup, it’s hard to use it all! LOL. Great post on going back to old favorites!


    1. I’ve been really having fun with it. It also makes letting go of makeup easier too because I feel like I got my use of it or I can say with certainty that it’s not for me. Of course.. I still do buy new stuff on occasion!


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