The $10 Weekly – NYC Mascara


This mascara retails for a staggering… $3.99!! Not too bad in my book. It has some steep claims; smudge proof, lasts 24 hours and flake proof. I like so many other people have issues with mascara running and smudging. Nothing makes you look worse, in my humble opinion, then runny mascara! I’ve tried really expensive mascaras and really inexpensive ones. I’ve yet to find my holy grail one to date! I’d classify this as… meh. Read on if you care to hear why!

I’ve actually been using this for over a month now. I really wanted to give it a good try. I find that I usually enjoy most mascaras in the first 2 weeks but after that… it goes down hill!

This mascara actually does work as it claims – mostly. It doesn’t run or smudge which is AMAZING!! I do find that over time I have less mascara on then I did when I started my day so I don’t think it truly lasts for 24 hours. I am over all very pleased with it’s performance however I did find 2 major issues with it that make it only a meh for me.

The first is the wand…


I suppose this isn’t the end of the world but to I prefer a thinner wand. It’s not massively thick and it does taper at the end allowing for a more delicate application but it’s just not my preferred style of wand. I’m sure others will disagree here. This really is just personal taste and how you individually apply your mascara. For me, it was just a touch too bulky.

My second issue is that after I applied it I always seemed to get it on my eyelids.


The pics not great but the speckles around the crease and above my eye is mascara. It seems to dry really slowly which sucks when you’re trying to get ready quickly in the morning! I also have a tendency to get transfer from my lashes to the eyelids at the base of my lashes.

Since I didn’t enjoy the wand and managed to always get it all over my face I decided that I don’t really like this mascara. However!! It does actually live up to 2 out of 3 of it’s claims! It could be worth a shot if you’re in the market for a mascara and are better at applying it then I am (apparently I’m a mascaras slob!).





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