Missy’s October Favorites

Since I was in Florida for half of October I’m going to be talking about my fave travel staples. I, of course, brought WAYYYYYY too much make-up on my trip but I never regretted bringing these five beauties.

Missy's October Faves
Missy’s October Faves


NARS Lipgloss in Supervixen: This moisturizing lip gloss magically fills in fine lines on my lips and warms up my pout. I love layering it over different lip colours to give it a sweet warmth and sophiticated sheen. Don’t let the browny-mauve fool you. This is a powerfully versatile color! I’m actually shocked that it’s not as iconic as their Orgasm Blush and Laguna Bronzer.

Nars Lipgloss in Supervixen
Nars Lipgloss in Supervixen

tarte Lipsurgence Matte Lip Tint in Craze: This rosy, raspberry lip stain glides on like perfection. It leaves a rich matte finish that stays on for hours. This lip tint is so moisturizing that I used it instead of lip balm for two weeks and my lips were fine. I love that there is just a hint of plumping peppermint that helps fill in any fine lines. I layered this shade with the Nars lipgloss in Supervixen. If you want a more detailed review of this awesome product click here.


Sephora Double Ended Powder and Blush Brush:  Brushes with caps are my favorite. They are travel friendly since I don’t always have the time to wash my brushes and I hate the mess they can cause. It is also handbag friendly since you can put some product on the brushes, put the cap on, and BAM you have a single use blusher or powder!


brush 2

stila Stay All Day 10-In-One HD Illuminating Beauty Balm: I have to admit I was skeptical of beauty balms when they first came out – I didn’t really see a difference between them and a moisturizer/foundation combo but this stila product is pretty awesome. It’s light-weight, oil free formula is perfect for the warm, humid weather in Florida. This BB also offers  the coverage of a light foundation. It is somehow also water-resistant and sweat resistant. I actually find the overall appearance of my skin improves whenever I use this product daily. The only downside is I find it crazy expensive at $50 CAD a pop – which means I try not to use it daily :(.

Stila BB stayed on even after a run! Allowed me to pose confidently for this pic!
Stila BB stayed on even after a run! Allowed me to pose confidently for this pic!

Clinique Cheek Pop in Fig Pop: What’s not to love about this blush? It’s got an adorable gerbera daisy mold, it’s buildable, and the colour is beautiful.  It can light up even the most tired of faces. It gives me a healthy looking glow without a trace of powder residue.

Clinique Cheek Pop in Fig Pop
Clinique Cheek Pop in Fig Pop

It was a great trip to the Florida sun but I’m happy to be home and enjoying the cool fall weather (helloooooo woolly sweaters and hot drinks!). What favorites did you have this month?


— Missy


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