Florida Haul Part 2!

I picked up a few other things other than the Ulta stuff I got when Missy and I went shopping in Florida! I found a Walgreens (no Walgreens in Canada), because I wanted to see if they had any of the Disney stuff left, well it was only a little bit of the villains stuff but not much. I didn’t find everything I wanted but I still got some goodies! Here we go!


This first item is super interesting, well to me lol. It is the Disney Villains collection makeup book. The only one I could find was Maleficent so I picked it up. I don’t intend to use it really, but to display it in my beauty room. It combines my love of Disney and makeup into one. So I am happy with it.

disney1 disney2 disney3

The next item is from the Covergirl Star Wars collection. For now it is only available in the US but should come to Canada in November. So while I was there, I found one of the mascaras, so I got it! I got it not because I adore the mascara, it is ok, but again to display in my beauty / geek room. πŸ™‚

sw sw2

I then reached for a Milani Bella eyeshadow because I wanted to try them. I heard good things about it but my opinion is not made yet. I have to try it more but the shade is pretty.

milani milani2 milani3 milani4Then I hit the Maybelline stand to check out the new shades of the matte lipsticks. These shades will be released in November in Canada, so they will be coming, so I only grabbed 2, Nude Nuance and Vibrant Violet.


I also went to the Outlets and found a Cosmetic Outlet. I only grabbed 3 things but even with the exchange they were still cheaper than if I had paid full price here in Canada.

First I got 3 Bobbi Brown eyeshadow singles to add to my collection. I got the shades Dove Grey and Burnt Rose.




And lastly, I got a MAC blush in Rosy Outlook, it will be super pretty for summer, spring!

mac1 mac2 mac3

All-in-all I like this little haul, got some cool things that I can’t get here and others that celebrate my geeky/Disney/beauty side.

Hope you enjoyed!


4 thoughts on “Florida Haul Part 2!

  1. I’m totes jealous! I want the Ursula makeup kti SO bad. I have a friend in LA who found the makeup bag for me though. UGH I cannot WAIT to get my hands on the covergirl star wars!!! I didn’t know it was coming in November, yay!! I’ve seen all of the Milani Bella Gel shadows at Superstore now πŸ˜€ They just started selling them.


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