Holiday Kit Reviews: tarte Light Of The Party Collector’s Makeup Case

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Tarte’s Light Of The Party Collector’s Makeup Case might be the ULTIMATE travel kit for girls who like to play with eye make-up. This beautiful Art Deco Inspired case is sturdy enough to be in your luggage and it contains sooooo many eye colors that it’s impossible to be bored. It also has a bronzer, blush, highlighter, double ended eye shadow brush, and a mascara! It’s excellent! I brought this kit with me on a two week trip to Florida and I was never bored.

What it is and why I like it:

What makes this kit smart is that it’s meant for the busy holiday season and travel. The zip closure case is tough and cute. Plus there’s a built in travel size take-away palette of ‘high-performance naturals’ that features 6 eyeshadows, a bronzer, blush, and highlighter. This case is about the size of 2 smart phones and slimmer then a pencil so it can easily be stored in a cute clutch for mid-party touch-ups.

Social Butterfly Bronzer, Amazed Blush, Pink Champagne Highlighter, and 6 eyeshadows in Popcorn Stand, Wrapped Up, Dancer&Prancer, Shining Star, Yule be Surprised, and Mulberry&Bright
tarte 1
The cute and slim case makes it very portable in evening clutches

ANNND then there are the 24 other shadows to play with!!!! Each have an adorably festive name that just make me happy.

blah bla
So many delicious eyeshadows! Sugar Cookie, In A Flurry, Fizz The Season, It’s Snow Time, Eggnog, What A Wonderful Pearl, Miracle Of Light, Rum Pum Pum, Tartetini, Baby It’s Gold Outside, Peach On Earth, Come What Grey, Under The Mistle-Taupe, Ring-A-Ling, Fireside Chat, Party Favored, Gingerbread Mansion, Chrome For The Holidays, Sleigh Watch, Mulled Wine, Cocoa What Fun, Black Velvet, Haute Chocolate, Midnight Kiss

The double ended eyeshadow brush is fluffy and great for blending and creating sexy smoky eye looks. Then top your look off with the ‘Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara and you’re all set!

Mascara, double ended brush and a good size vanity mirror ... and this post reflected in it!
Mascara, double ended brush and a good size vanity mirror … with this post reflected in it!

Things to Consider:

Right now I’m getting back into buildable shadows since I never have time to redo my make-up if I foul it up. Before baby, I always went for the high pigment stuff but now I take solace in being able to fudge it a bit. So if you’re thinking about getting this as a gift for someone I’d recommend it to a make-up newbie or a busy mom – both who would benefit from these stylish neutral colors that blend easily and won’t cause make-up fails (see below)


Make-up Fail
Make-up Fail


Also the double ended brush is only really good for all over application and blending. But it is pretty useless if you want precise or more dramatic looks. (This can be fixed by simply bringing along an eyeliner or an eyeliner brush)

And finally the mascara is great and long lasting but it is an absolute pain to take off! It just sort of smears off instead of coming off clean. Not the hugest deal since it lasted whole days in Florida humidity and even stayed on in the pool! But mascara that doesn’t come off is a pet peeve of mine so I just thought I should warn people.

Final Thoughts

I would not hesitate to buy this again or give it to a friend. There is something for everyone and it’s a great set to get if you love neutral eyeshadows and want variety in a make-up travel kit.

Selfie from my trip to Florida! I'm wearing all Tarte products in this pic.
Selfie from my trip to Florida! I’m wearing all Tarte products in these pics!


— Missy



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