The $10 Weekly – Live Clean Travel Size Kit


Aren’t travel kits a great way to try out new products!?? I love them for the value 🙂 I hardly ever feel let down with a good priced travel kit. This kit from Live Clean was $9.95 at Rexall. It includes a cleanser, moisturizer, night cream and facial scrub. I’m a big fan of this Canadian company and it’s less than $10 so here we are!

Right out of the gate let me tell you that this kit is fantastic value. You get about a months worth of products for $10. I struggle with finding good moisturizer so as result I really appreciate it when I can try them for a fair price before I buy in to a full priced version. It’s really important to me that I can do that because I can be sensitive to skin care products. I also need a heavy-duty moisturizer that absorbs in to my skin and isn’t oily. Overall I was really pleased with the kit however only 2 out of the 4 products suited my skin care needs. Let me break it down!

Daily Cleanser

The Daily Cleanser was ok for me. It has a foaming agent in it but it didn’t irritate my skin at all. It doesn’t have the typical ingredients that many cleansers include which I happen to be allergic to, such as Sulfates. It leaves my skin clean but it’s a touch drying. I think it’s good but I prefer my Pacifica cleanser.

Smoothing Facial Scrub

Unfortunately, the Smoothing Facial Scrub did not pan out for me. It was rather abrasive on my skin and didn’t feel nice to use. It felt like sand paper. My skin was nice and smooth after I used it but the process of using it was so unpleasant that I only tried it once.

Soothing Daily Moisturizer

The Soothing Daily Moisturizer was only meh. It wasn’t rich enough for my skin. I kept it because I can boost it with some Argan Oil if I’m in a bind but I’d prefer to find a cream that actually does what I need it to… the hunt continues!

Nourishing Night Cream

Now the Nourishing Night Cream was rich enough for my delicate skin! I still use it at night 🙂 It absorbs quickly and feels nice on my skin.

Out of all the products in this kit, I’d only NOT recommend the facial scrub. Largely because I think it’s too abrasive for someone’s skin. The rest was great so it’s really just a matter of what works for your skin type! I should mention that the kit comes in a cut, clear plastic travel bag. I love receiving these types of travel bags specifically to carry my skin care products in when I travel. I’ve had too many incidents with broken products in my luggage so now I’m super cautious about how I pack things to travel.

If you’re curious about Live Clean skin care line, I’d recommend trying this kit first. It’s cheaper than anyone of these products full price which makes it a great option to try before you buy!



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