Holiday Kit Review – Hourglass Ambient Edit Palette

As the Holiday kits are starting to roll out, the reviews are coming! Today I will be reviewing the Hourglass Ambient Edit Palette for the holiday season.

hourglass1 hourglass2

This kit is sold for $95 canadian, yes $95… it is expensive but Hourglass has never been known for their low price point.

The portable, sleek palette is designed to give you everything you need to finish, brighten, contour, and highlight your skin. Featuring the Ambient® Strobe Lighting Powder in Iridescent Strobe Light, a sheer illuminating highlighter that’s designed to emulate the way in which strobe lights capture and reflect light on the face—plus, it can be used dry or wet for a more intense highlight.

This kit holds 3 of the Ambient lighting powders in Iridescent Light, Dim Light and Diffused Light.

It also has 2 blushes in Mood Exposure and Luminous Flush

And 1 bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light

Dim Light, Iridescent Light and Diffused Light
Mood Exposure, Luminous Flush and Luminous Bronze Light

This palette for me has the same great quality than the other Hourglass powders, and I am very glad to say that. Sometimes some holiday kits tend to be less in quality so that super sucks. But I didn’t find any fault with the quality of these powders. I totally love them, that is for sure. I always use one of the Ambient Lighting Powders to finish off my face. I just love the awake and healthy look it gives to my skin, especially when I have bad hormonal skin!

One of the down side of this palette is that it is small. I compared it below to a full-size blush and to the Ambient Lighting palette (which I love). I expected it to be the same size as the other palette, but it is smaller than that. If you add up the 6 powders in the Ambient Edit, you have less product than in 1 of the Ambient Powders.

Compared to a full-size blush
Compared to the Ambient Lighting palette
The size of a RealTechniques Powder brush in the palette… you can see that it is much bigger than the pans… which makes it a pain to use the powders…

In a nutshell, the palette is gorgeous, the products are great quality but the products are small. Very small for the price. Plus mine had a smell…. chemical of some kind. I kept the palette for a bit but decided to return it because I wasn’t using it due to the fact that the powders are so small and I couldn’t use my big fluffy brush with them. If you are looking for a sampler to try out the Hourglass products or to have a nice shiny piece in your collection, this could be for you.


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