Bath&Body Works Autumn Haul

Bath and Body Works Fall Haul 2015
Bath and Body Works Fall Haul 2015

Bath&Body Works is a place that I’ve had an on and off again relationship with. If we were a Facebook status it would usually be on “It’s Complicated”. However, after an impromptu shopping trip with Nat, my love for this store of scents and matching sets is red hot!

I first loved this store when I was a teenager and visiting the states. It had cute lip balms and shower gels at reasonable prices that I could afford, covet, and collect. And then it came out with the most amazing thing – a sunscreen/insect repellent combo that worked smelled like lemonade. For a sixteen year old who was self-conscious of everything including smelling like bug spray around a campfire with friends this was a miracle product. And then, get this, Bath&Body Works took the product away! Needless to say, I was mad. I basically felt like Bath&Body Works betrayed me by discontinuing a product I really, really liked.

Next there was a space issue. I love that Bath and Body Works does those deals like “6 hand soaps for $24” but when I was living in a tiny apartment I couldn’t store or use that many hand soaps, candles, etc. in a year let alone a season! So it’s been an on again off again relationship. But now I get to revel in our reunion!

I’ll divide my haul into scents. I’ll look at my pumpkin obsession first, the Halloween themed, the apple themes, and the randoms.


Pumpkin Haul
Pumpkin Haul

I look forward to pumpkin harvests every year. There’s just something that is so comforting and absolutely autumn about the smell of pumpkin. Last year I roasted a pumpkin every week to get that wonderful aroma in my house (FYI: once you roast a pumpkin and use it in recipes there is NO going back to canned pumpkin). So I was super happy to welcome these products into my home. I have the Marshmallow Pumpkin latte soap in our en-suite. The smell is like a warm, sweet, hug and is a perfect way to perk up the senses. I have the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin in the kitchen because I find the smell isn’t overpowering and doesn’t linger on your hands which is unappetizing when you’re cooking.

Funnily enough I don’t particularly love the smell of the Pumpkin Pie or the Caramel Pumpkin Swirl candles, however, they smell AMAZING together!


For the Love of Halloween!

Spooky and cute!
Spooky and cute!

My husband and I love Halloween. Whereas we drag our feet decorating for Christmas, Halloween decorations have already been up for a few weeks! So I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of Halloween appropriate foaming hand soaps. The Purrfect Potion is the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin scent while the House of Horrors is ‘Ghoulish Green Apple’. We have hosted a Halloween Party for the last 6 years so I’ll be setting these beauties up in the guest bathrooms as a nice spooky touch!

Apples – The Next Best Thing To Pumpkin

Apple Haul
Apple Haul

Maybe it’s because apples are available year around in Canada, but I find people forget that ripening apples and beautiful orchards are just as iconic as the ubiquitous pumpkin during Autumn. We’re lucky enough to live 5 minutes away from a genuine apple orchard and produce farm that sells fresh apple cider from their trees. I swear I can smell the delicious apple scent just by driving by. I find these products capture all that apple awesomeness. The Apple Harvest Set of shower gel, body scrub, moisturizer, and body spray smell like candy apples and fresh mown grass. It’s sweet and earthy which gives it a beautiful balance. The packaging is lovely so it’s nice having them on display in our full bathroom. The Harvest Gathering has similar scent notes but I find the earthier scent more prominent than the sweet apple note. This candle gives our main guest bathroom a gorgeous scent.


Maple and London

Miscellaneous Items just because <3
Miscellaneous Items just because ❤

As I mentioned before, the best and worst thing about Bath&Body Works is that they have “Buy X amount and SAVE!” deals. I needed two more hand soaps and one more 3-wick candle to take advantage of the deals. I’d gotten enough Fall hand soaps so I was looking for some nice ones that I can use before and after Christmas (because you better BELIEVE I will be indulging in their Christmas stuff 😉 )  and that’s when I stumbled upon these delicious maple soaps. If you love maple as much as I do then you should consider getting these. The scents are sweet but balanced enough not to be sickly. The packaging is a bit more seasonally neutral so I won’t feel silly putting them out once Christmas is done.

Then there is the amazingly soothing London candle. If you love tea then this is the candle for you. I only lived in the UK for a year but it was enough to get me addicted to tea and give me a fondness of all thing British. This candle smell like a warm mug of fresh brewed tea with a bit of lemon to break up the soothing bitter scent. I would compare the scent notes to the bitter but calming scent of fresh lavender. I love burning this candle whenever I take a bath and the packaging is so cute that I love having it on display.

Do you have any favorites with Bath&Body Works? What are they?




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