The $10 Weekly – NYC Eyeshadow Trios


You may recall that recently I reviewed the NYC Expert Last Lipstick. I mentioned getting 2 eyeshadow trios but wanted to take a little extra time with those. Well, here we are!  had a few extra weeks to play and now I have a few things to say. I got the shades 789 in West Vintage and 784 in Late Night Latte. The last time I tried NYC eyeshadows I wasn’t a fan. I had a 5 shadow palette that’s main colour was a dud 😦 I picked these up hoping that the “NEW” sticker indicated a new formula too!

Turns out that none of the shades that I picked up are duds! So that made me happy 🙂

Late Night Latte
West Vintage

Here’s a few swatches:

Late Night Latte
West Vintage

I felt the pigmentation was acceptable but not mind blowing-ly awesome. I felt the green and the purple in the West Vintage trio were nice but a little flat. The green in particular. In the pan they have some shimmer to them but on the eyes and in a swatch they look more matte.

To create a look I used both of these trios at once. Here’s what got:



It was a little muddy but not too bad. You could see the distinction in colour and it did last all day long! It was rainy and humid that day so I feel like the weather really strained the eyeshadow but somehow it managed to live through an entire day!

Between the 2 trios I feel that Late Night Latte is the most wearable on its own. West Vintage needed some help with highlight colours and transition shades, hence why I used both trios at the same time 🙂

For the price, they perform well. All the shades give off a good amount of pigmentation and look as I’d have wanted them to. I can see myself tossing Late Night Latte in a weekend travel bag or something however West Vintage isn’t quite my style. Overall, I’m happy! Much improved NYC 🙂


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