Yummy Mummy Picks: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day® Night Cap

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day® Night Cap
Living Proof
Perfect Hair Day® Night Cap

If you’ve been following this blog you might have heard me bemoan the fact that I have ‘blah’ hair. For a long time I was that girl who had 10 different hair cleansing and styling systems. Why? Well 1) Hair ads are very convincing and I’m a naive person and 2) my hair doesn’t fit into a typical ‘category’. Overall I’d say my hair is straight(ish) and fine(ish) but it also has a split personality and decorates my head with weird waves, cowlicks, and tangles that can only be tamed with hot tools and lots of product. And honestly who has time for that?!

For a long time I accepted the fact that hair companies lied to me and I would forever be giving them my money just to end up scraping my hair into a ponytail. My outlook changed when I discovered the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day line. This product actually does what it says. It makes unmanageable hair manageable. Think of your best random hair day. Got it? Well this shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment can help you recreate it with minimal fuss (I reviewed it here)

So I was pretty psyched when they came out with this night treatment. I’ve been even more neglectful of my hair lately and I blame being a new mom. I only really have the option to shower in the evenings once my daughter goes to bed.  This means that I’ve been going to bed with damp hair (what’s the point of blow drying and styling before going to sleep?) and it was seriously taking its toll. My hair was quickly becoming a lackluster, knotty mess of perma-bedhead.

I noticed a difference the first time I applied the Night Cap. I awoke the next day with manageable hair that was smoother and shinier and it had just a hint of body and depth. I’ve been using this product pretty religiously for the last 3 months I’ve noticed a positive difference it my hair. Even my hair dresser noted that my hair was healthier then before.

Bolstered by this success I’ve started to try the ‘style while you sleep’ Pinterest ideas. Whenever I attempted these braids and pin curls before Night Cap I would wake up with an unappealing frizzy mess of hair.This ‘overnight perfector’ makes it look like you used low heat to style your hair.

Check it out – I got this lovely look from one pump of the Night Cap and going to bed with braided pig tails and all I had to do was tousle with my fingers!

hair 1
Two minutes after taking the braid out
hair 2
My hair is shiny and smooth despite being slept on!
hair 3
A few hours later hair is still holding the tousle


Anyone who’s ever woken up with bedhead  will understand why this product is pretty miraculous and these un-retouched photos are proof! Here’s a list of other reasons why I recommend this product:

  • It’s easy to use – just smooth one to three pumps into your hair and go to bed!
  • You’ll notice a difference right away
  • It is a non greasy shine that doesn’t weigh fine hair down!
  • Does not stain pillow cases
  • You don’t need to wash it out!
  • Great for dyed hair (I found it is especially working nice with my highlights)
  • Dramatic decrease in split ends

Let me know if you’ve had luck with this brand or product! Cheers to happy hair!


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