The $10 Weekly – Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes


For the past 6 months or more I’ve been really in to the Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Facial Wipes. I love using coconut water on my skin. Correction! My skin loves it when I use coconut water! They were my favourite for months and months… until now! Insert the Say Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes 🙂 My new loves!

Up until recently Pacifica’s facial wipes were the only facial wipe that I could find that are biodegradable. (Not so fun fact – most facial wipes are synthetic and don’t bio-degrade.) I also felt that the coconut water as a cleanser worked well and left my skin feeling clean without being stripped. The wipes didn’t contain any harsh chemicals like most other brands do. There were a few things about the Pacifica wipes that I didn’t care for. The packaging wasn’t great, I had to fight to get a wipe out. And also, the wipes themselves were rather thin…

When I saw Say Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes at Shoppers for $8.99 (they were on sale, full price is $9.99) I was impressed that they were biodegradable and so THICK!!

Pacifica vs Say Yes to Cucumbers

When I used them, I found the cloths themselves to be thick and very soft. The texture of the cloth itself was very soothing. They smell vaguely of cucumber and are actually very cooling on the face! I love that natural sensation of cool cucumbers!


The adorable packaging helps too 🙂

In the end I’m a convert. Pacifica’s facial wipes are available at Kardish for $6.99. I realize that Say Yes to Cucumbers is a few dollars more but I also feel that they have a superior product. I can afford an extra few dollars for quality. It’s also nice that I can get them at Shoppers too because OPTIMUM POINTS!!!!



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