BH Cosmetics Pink-A-Dot Brush Set


My Mother in-law bought me this brush set for my birthday! I absolutely love the look of it so I was super happy to receive it as a gift. I’ve been using this set over the summer and feel quite confident in talking about it. If you’re looking for budget brushes – you may want to pay attention!

The Packaging


The brushes come in this gorgeous fake leather, pink with black poke-a-dot case! The case snaps shut and is cylindrical. It’s also very hard and sturdy making it excellent for travel! It’s not too big and can easily be tucked in your luggage in between some shoes. I’m so happy with the packaging because I personally travel frequently for work and have damaged more than 1 good brushes in my makeup bag. The only challenge I had with the packaging is that I had to be very careful while closing the lid on the brushes or else the lid would catch some of the bristles and damage them. So far I’ve been mindful and this hasn’t been an issue.

The Brushes

The set includes 11 brushes for your face and eyes. I find most of them to be useful. Here are the brushes:



I think you get a great variety of brushes that can be perfect for your travel kit or great for a starter kit! The brushes themselves feel sturdy and so soft. I love the texture of BH brushes! They do such a nice job.

My Favourites

Of course I use some brushes more than others so here are my most grabbed for brushes!

This fan brush is thicker than my other more wispy fan brushes. I find that for that reason this brush is super versatile. I use it to lightly dust on anything from bronzer, highlighter to setting powder!
This angled blush brush picks up a lot of product and is the right size for my cheeks. Love 🙂
This pencil brush is the right amount of firmness for smudging out my under eye area.


I really like this brush set! I found it on for about $30. I think that’s what you’d pay for an entry brush set so the price seems fair to me. These are not professional grade brushes but they sure do the job and feel nice on my face! I love the packaging and think that makes them a great travel companion or even display item in ones beauty room!! Also the cuteness factor made them a lovely gift to receive 🙂 I’d recommend this brush set to beginners, collectors and travellers.


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