Nat’s September 2015 Favourites!

September has come and gone and I didn’t see it happen! I am excited however since Fall is my favourite season of all. Not only for the beautiful mix of oranges, greens, reds and yellows that nature graces with but also for Fall fashion and makeup. I love sweater weather. A nice cute flat with long plants and a comfy sweater and a scarf, I am happy. I am excited to dust off my fall lip colors and wear them before the cold brutal Canadian winter hits us. Fall is by far way too short!

Anyway, after all that rambling, below you will find my September beauty favourites. You will see that I am still in my neutral lip colours for September as we have had great weather all month and why not keep wearing them when we can. 🙂

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer Lipstick in 04 Beige Pop

I swatched these last time I was at Sephora and I decided to pick one up at Shoppers Drug Mart (soooo much better rewards program than Sephora). I was surprised how much I enjoyed this! It is moisturizing, smooth, and the colour is a perfect nude. I am for sure picking more of these up.IMG_20150818_165255~2


NARS Chelsea Girls Lipgloss

This lipgloss has been all over YouTube. It is a colour that has been brought back by NARS from an old lip tin. It was immensely popular and now it has made a comeback in lipgloss form. I didn’t want to get into the hype but when I swatched it at Sephora, it make its way in my basket without hesitation. This is a beautiful colour that I love to keep in my purse and it is perfect for work. It is just opaque enough to give colour with a natural look. A winner!

nars nars2

Kat Von D Shade Light Eye Palette

I have taken this baby back out for the month and LOVED it. I can create so many work appropriate looks with it that are matte and neutral. I have also used in with the Kat Von D Metal Crush shadows to make a look that is so easy to create. Thundercrush on most of the lid and outter corner with some matte shades from the Shade Light Eye in the crease and brow bone. Bam. Look. Done.


OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Malibu

It is no secret that I love my OFRA liquid lipstick. I made a whole post about them here. This has been my favourite colour so far. Less neutral for this month, but I had to take it out because it is just so pretty! This will also be great for the fall. After trying the Stila, Kat Von D and Sephora formulas, this one stays on top.

malibumalibu malibu2

Becca + Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop

I really love Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfectors, especially the colour Opal, and Champagne Pop is no different. This colour is amazing, it works so well on my fair skin tone (even though some say it doesn’t for theirs). I think it does, while I still have some colour from the summer (not much left) I sported this baby like crazy. If you are fair skinned and love an intense highlight, you can for sure pull this one off. It is a colour that is a bit of rose gold, a bit of gold, a bit of opal-ness, really the only thing you can compare it to is the colour of champagne… lame I know. lol


Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in 14 Heather Pop

It is no secret that I love the Clinique Cheek Pop blushes as I did a whole post and video about them. This month, I have been reaching for this colour, Heather Pop the most. I just find it is perfect, it is a catch-all blush and goes with tons of looks. Also great for the coming fall.

heather2 heather3 heather

What were your favourites this month? Leave a comment down below so I can check out your favs!


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