The $10 Weekly – Sleek Cosmetics Blush


Despite my less than amazing experience with my “Coastal Scents Palette” I still order makeup off I found a wealth of Sleek Cosmetics on there and decided to give a blush a try when I found it for $7.50. You can check it out here (non-affiliate link). Sleek Cosmetics is a UK brand that is priced very budget friendly and receives great reviews! I’ve been eyeing them for a long time but the minimum order on their website for free shipping is $75. I find that to be too steep without personally knowing if the brand is good or not. Plus $75 would get you a lot of product from them! All this to say I was so pleased when I found this blush for $7.50 with free shipping and ordered it straight away.

First of all I noticed how sturdy the packaing is. The blush is housed in a small but tough black compact. The The design of the packaging calls to mind their name ‘Sleek.” Despite the inepxensive price tag, there’s nothing cheap about the way this blush looks and feels! It even comes with a mirror!


I got the shade Rose Gold and it is stunning!



I personally find the pigmentation to be AMAZING! I can’t think of a drugstore blush that is this pigmented!!


To draw a familiar comparison I pulled out my ELF in St. Lucia. The Sleek Cosmetics blush is much smaller in packaging but like ELF’s packaging, it has a higher end feel. There is in fact a lot of product inside the Sleek blush as well! The ELF St. Luci blush and bronzer duo has .30oz of product meaning each pan has about 0.15 oz of product per product. The Sleek blush has 0.27oz of product. Another familiar comparison are the Milani blushes which contain only 0.12oz of product per blush! All of this to say that despite the small packaging, there’s loads of product in here!



I even find hte Sleek blush to be far more pigmented than the ELF one. So yay! I’m very pleased with it!

Sleek vs ELF

I happen to find the colour to be quite beautiful and love wearing it! It lasts all day long (assuming my foundation does too). I tend to skip highlighter when I wear a blush as glowy as this.


This inexpensive foray into Sleek Cosmetics has made me want to try more of their products. My next product to try will be one of their flagship eyeshadow palettes. I can’t wait to try more. I’m truly impressed!


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