Yay or Nay Sunday – Kat Von D Transformer Liquid Lipstick

Hey Guys, today on Yay or Nay Sunday, we are looking at the Kat Von D Transformer Liquid Lipstick.

This is a topcoat for liquid lipsticks (or regular ones if you want) that is also colour transforming. 

I got this because I find the Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks a little drying, so I thought I would try this over top to see what it would do! That being said, that is how I tested this product, over other liquid lipsticks and not regular lipsticks. You totally could, as a shade shifting lip gloss.

This topcoat has it’s own colour called Superliminal described as an iridescent pink pearl lipstick topcoat

Take lips to the next level with this color-changing top coat. Infused with raw liquid crystals, it creates a prismatic, never-before-seen shade-shifting effect. Apply over bare lips for a sheer, pearlescent glaze, or dab over your favorite lipstick to bring alluring iridescence to everyday color.

I wore the topcoat over Lolita because I found that the liquid lipstick by itself was tacky and I found it accentuated the lines in my lips when it got too dry. It gives it a shine like a lipgloss but if you are looking for the matte look of a liquid lipstick, this topcoat goes against that. One thing to note that I was afraid of is that it would move the lipstick underneath when the topcoat was applied, well, it didn’t! That’s good news! After application, I wore it for a few hours while watching Dr. Who with my hubby to test this out.

Lolita, before and after

lolita lolita2

Swatch of the topcoat by itself and over Lolita

swatch swatch2

Wearing it by itself


Wearing it over Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Berlin



When I wiped the swatch, the topcoat came off first, the lipstick still stayed very well on. I think that is a pretty good indicator that it doesn’t make it back into a liquid form and move it around. That is for sure a plus. Then, I did the kiss test. When I kissed the back of my hand, the transfer was mostly the topcoat, not the lipstick itself.


In the end, the lipstick lasted for hours but did come off a bit quicker than wearing the liquid lipstick on its own. Here is what it looked liked when kissed my hand at the end of the night. You can see where / how the lipstick transferred. It is pretty much what it looked like on my lips. it was patchy and mainly around the edges inside and outside my lips.


In a nutshell, it made Lolita more wearable for me, and made my liquid lipstick less dry. But if you are looking for that matte look, this will definitely undo that. It also made the liquid lipstick not last as long and the look it gave was not that amazing.

My final vote would be Nay… why? I don’t think it is worth the price tag. It defeats the purpose of the matte liquid lipstick, and I don’t think this is something I will reach for to wear alone. If you want something to transform the colour of your lipstick, I recommend the Opal line from Bite Beauty instead, they have a lipgloss and a lipstick.


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