The $10 Weekly – *NEW* Wet’n’Wild Venice Beach Lip Gloss


I guess I’m a member of the cult of Wet’n’Wild… Every time I see something that looks new from them I grab it. Even if I should know better. Here’s a case of “I’ve should of known better…” The new Wet’n’Wild Venice Beach Lip Glosses are only $3.99 at Rexall and **spoiler alert** they’re lack lustre.

I picked up 2 shades:

Will You Bloody Mary Me?
Saved by Bellini

When I saw them I thought they reminded me of the Essence XXXL lip gloss or the Annabelle Big Show glosses. I didn’t care for either of those glosses because they did so little to boost my lip look. They were just a plain jane gloss. Despite calling to mind 2 products that weren’t huge loves for me I bought them anyway. Largely because I’m brainwashed to try everything Wet’n’Wild does in hope that it’s a miracle and out of fear that this is my one and only shot at buying it!

I get home and play with them… here’s the swatches:


They have indistinguishable pigmentation from each other in the swatches. However in the packaging they look really different! I thought I picked two very different shades.

No gloss
Saved by Bellini
Will You Bloody Mary Me?

The reason why I open by saying that I found this offering from Wet’n’Wild to be lack lustre is because for a limited edition product from that brand – I expected something that popped more. Their recent blush trios were gorgeous (I own 1, love it!) and the summers limited edition eyeshadows were BOLD! I was surprised that the next limited edition product line from them was … well colourless!

If I could turn back time, I’d pass on this one from Wet’n’Wild.


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