Sheena’s Project Pan


Are you all familiar with the “Project Pan” themed videos on Youtube? Basically beauty youtubers engage in a project to hit pan on their beauty products. It’s a way for them to use up what they have and give updates on their Youtube channel regularly. Most people do this because they find themselves in a position where they have so much makeup that they have hardly been able to use because they keep buying more and more. I’m starting to find myself in that place. Also I have a small house so I’m literally running out of room for all this makeup! I decided to take this idea of project pan and find a way to make it work for me! So here we go, Sheena’s version of project pan!

I started out by thinking on what I personally wanted to accomplish. I’m looking to buy some new foundation soon (been eyeing the new Born This Way foundation from Too Faced!!) but I have about half a dozen partially used foundations already. So the first thing that I set out to do was use up some foundation! I also figured that I should go through some more of my primer since I own three that are only gently used. I have a few other odds and ends that I’d like to use up as well so I collected everything in to a lovely basket!

Here are the foundations and primer that I need to use up:


And my odds and ends:




Now the other goal that I had in mind was to use more of a variety of my makeup so I made up some rules for myself!

  1. I must use up all of the above products in order to buy new ones.
  2. Each week I must pick a different eyeshadow palette and only use that eyeshadow palette all week!
  3. Each week I must pick a different blush/bronzer and use only that product each week!

I’m hoping that by forcing myself to use a single blush, bronzer and eyeshadow palette for 7 days I will get more of a chance to play around with them. Sometimes I buy stuff and don’t get to use them very much because I’m reviewing something else and then before I know, it’s on to the next item! My goal is to not only use up certain products but to take the time to really get familiar with all the things that I have in my makeup collection.

For the week of September 20th I have decided to use:



Next week will be a different blush, bronzer and eyeshadow palette. I’m going to keep going like this until the Sephora sale in November. I have most of my $10 Weekly’s done and tested, I just need to write them out 🙂 I’m hoping by not buying anything new until the Sephora sale I can save more money to do a HUGE HAUL!!! I’ll be updating my progress here just for fun.

Does anyone else have a project pan or some sort of variation on the go?? How are you making out with it?



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